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Increase Your Presence On-Line is a comprehensive, informational site defining and explaining traditional and leading-edge senior lifestyle options, related services, estate planning, insurance and product information. Our staff has more than 13 years consulting expertise with companies that provide for seniors. We understand the great value of qualified leads. seeks to maximize potential for our advertisers through education of seniors and their adult children in a comfortable, non-threatening environment.

When informed surfers find you, and know what they (their parents or grandparents) need, it eases the educational job of your sales and marketing staff. Surfers don't find us by accident the way they find your ad in the morning paper. They are motivated to find information. We owe it to them to make their next click meaningful. We lead them to you!

On average they are:

    61 years old
    62% retired
    67% are married
    26% help parents or grandparents
    74% come for themselves They lived in their present home 11 years (averaged)
    78% own their home
    They spent $221 per grandchild in 2000
    They have an average of 4.3 grandchildren

If this sounds like your market (or part of your market, join and allow them to find you!

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Listings and banners are accepted for "information" and "definition" pages on a case by case basis.

Senior targeted informational websites, which do not "sell" may ask for consideration for a free hyperlink.
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