Senior Resources » 3 Surprising Secrets To Living Well Through Aging & Illness

3 Surprising Secrets To Living Well Through Aging & Illness

3 Surprising Secrets To Living Well Through Aging & Illness

Did You Know There Are Aging & Illness Coaches?

On this show, our host Lori La Bey talks with Dr. Ashwini Bapat an Aging & Illness coach with EpioneMD and a Board Certified Palliative Care doctor who completed her Internal Medicine Residency & Fellowship in Palliative & Hospice Care at Yale University. She helps people who are aging, living with illness, and their caregivers make personalized medical decisions, navigate the healthcare system, and cultivate emotional and spiritual well-being. 


Lisa Catalano is an Aging & Illness Coach with EpioneMD, an independently licensed clinical social worker, and a certified Hospice & Palliative Care specialist. She has over 16 years of experience helping adults of all ages facing progressive illness navigate the complexity of medical decision-making, and helping clients define their own journey. 


On This Episode You Will Learn:

  1. How is EpioneMD supporting care partners?
  2. What is a caregiver coach?
  3. The difference between a fixer and supporting someone.
  4. Dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions when caring and.
  5. How do I know if am doing the right thing?
  6. Having meaningful conversations
  7. Hear some typical family scenarios.
  8. How to remove the loneliness of the caring journey.
  9. Who does EpioneMD serve?
  10. Help for you when dealing with family dynamics
  11. 3 Surprising Secrets to Living Well

Originally published July 05, 2023

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