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Our Senior Bazaar™ is the place to find all those special items and services that are non-existent or buried at other stores. Why a "Bazaar" you might ask. Well, the dictionary says a Bazaar is:

"a store in which many kinds of goods
are offered for sale"
bazaar. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1)
Retrieved September 09, 2006, from Dictionary.com website:

A good example of such a store was the "Ladies Bazaar" which served the Camden and Bridgeton, NJ areas from the 1920's to about 1950. It sold a wide variety of ladies wear that today would take a collection of "boutique stores" to cover.

Louis Wishnefsky  Photo

Its founder, Louis Wishnefsky pictured here, was an entrepreneur in his day. Some of his descendants support the Seniorresource.com website. We hope that our visitors will find the Senior Bazaar™ just as useful and helpful as the "Ladies Bazaar."
The Senior Bazaar™ currently has books, music and equipment of special interest to seniors. In addition you can find gifts for Seniors and Grandchildren.

Products and Services

Senior Gifts

Books of Interest to Seniors

  • Estate & Trust Administration
    Senior Jokes

    Aging In Place
    AMA Guide Home
  • Plan/Pay For Long Term Care
    Shelf Life of
    a Valentine
    More Senior Jokes
    Guide to Modifying Your Home

Retirement Books

To plan a successful retirement, one needs to understand why a plan is needed in the first place. Retirees should know the key components of retirement planning. Proper implementation of these key components is essential in guaranteeing a financially secure retirement. The prime focus is on clearly understanding the ups and downs of possible retirement issues.

- Social Security

- Private Pension Benefits

- Unforeseen Medical Expenses

- The Flexibility to Deal With Changes

Here are a few books to start you on your way.



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Equipment and Supplies to Help Seniors

  • Duro-Med
    Shower Tub-
    Pocket Magnifier
    Upper Arm Blood
    Pressure Monitor
  • Find Way Home
    Pocket GPS Locator
    Learn More
    Pet Door Bug Blocker

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Adaptive Easy Wear Clothing

  • Polo Jersey Open Back
    Cozy Shawl
    Easy Wear Dress
    Open Back
    Arthritis Capris
    Open Side
  • Tracksuit
    Open Back Pant
    Open Back
    Bed Jacket
    Cape Or Shawl
    Snap-on Unisex
Apadtive Clothing

Adaptive clothing (aka Easy Wear) is designed for individuals with physical disabilities, the elderly, and those who may experience difficulty dressing themselves due to an inability to manipulate closures, such as buttons and zippers, or due to a lack of a full range of motion required for self-dressing.

Adaptive clothing typically offers rear-closure designs so that an individual can be dressed more easily by a caregiver.








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Old Time Candy

Gifts for Grandchildren

  • Insulated-
  • Baby Einstein
    Puppet Set
    Prayer Teddy Bear

and Grandma Loves



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Gifts for Seniors

Low Vision an Issue? The Kindle Can Help!..... Learn More Here

Gifts for Red Hat Ladies

Red Hat Lady

The Red Hat Society™ is a social organization where there is fun after fifty for women of all walks of life.

see gifts for the special someone here

Travel Aids

Travel Aids

Click to get the things you neeed to make your travel easy.

Senior Travel Needs

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