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Dear Boomers, This Christmas, I’m Thinking of You

Dear Boomers, This Christmas, I'm Thinking of You

74 years ago I was born as a change of life baby on December 23, 1948, to my parents who did not expect me to happen. My mother was in her 40s and my father was in his 50s. Most of my childhood was spent with older people. Today, I find myself as one of those people sitting here on Christmas eve, thinking about you and thinking about me. Yes, I said you, the Boomer Generation of people.


There’s snow on the ground. Outside my door, it is very quiet as though for just a few moments the world is still and at peace. Some are with families. Some are sitting with that special husband or wife. Some are playing with their grandchildren. Some are traveling to other places to visit friends. And, some are inevitably sitting alone.

Others are preparing meals to share with their loved ones tomorrow. Some may be watching television, reading a book, playing a game on the computer, waiting for a telephone call, wrapping a present, or ending a day of work. There are some like police officers, firemen, health care workers, security people, truck drivers, and more that may be working tonight and maybe even tomorrow.


There are Boomers that might be in nursing homes, hospitals, and even some in faraway lands helping to keep our country safe. Others might be volunteering their time in homeless shelters and even some Boomers might be homeless.

Some Boomers may have had children, while others may not. Some may be blessed with riches and fame. Then there are some who have very little and their pockets might be empty. Some may have higher education; some have little or none. Some may be sitting around a warm fireplace tonight while others are wishing for warmth.

In all of this, there are some things that we share in common.

We each have a story. We each have hearts that can be prepared to forgive.


We’ve gained much wisdom through our years. We have experienced a lot. No matter who we are, we have made some kind of a mark on the world as it is today.

We can believe.

Some may be able to sing while others may only be able to smile. Some, like me, might have the desire to write and share what they’re feeling in their heart.

Tonight I think of you.

Tonight I think of me.


Tonight – I want to reach out and give each one of you a hug.

Tonight, if I were powerful enough, I would give you the peace, love, joy, comfort, health, and wealth that you long for.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that power – but, I do have the ability to write. And, tonight, I am writing to let you know how special I believe that each and everyone one of you is.  No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, and no matter how you are feeling – let it be known that tonight someone has thought of YOU.

Dear Boomers, this Christmas, I’m thinking of you.

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Originally published December 12, 2022

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