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Fall Prevention with Kira Avery

Program Coordinator Kira Avery at the Snow Valley Senior Center in Carnation, WA talks about fall prevention.

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The following is a podcast from a qualified senior care provider part on the answers for elders radio show. And Welcome back to answers for elders radio everyone. We are here live at the Snow Valley Senior Center with Karat Avery. Who is your event coordinator? I set correct. Yes, what is your actual title? Care Program Coordinator or a vamp coordinator? And you kind of thought up this whole incredible event for fall prevention and the month of October and answers for elders. That’s what we talked about is, you know, getting into fall. Obviously October’s about fall, but we kind of take a twist on that and we talk about prevention of how you know the best practice is to prevent fall. So, karat, tell me a little bit about your program and what you’re doing here this these two days. Yeah, so for the next two days we’re going to be running a fall prevention event because it’s fall prevention week right now and there’s basically just a bunch of different classes and presentations and events dedicated to helping people not fall or helping people get up after they do fall. So today we’ve done a demonstration on how to get up after a fall. That yeah, so it was really good. That was really good. And you know, you never think about once you’ve fallen, how do you get up or what do you need to do to get at least get to some place. And I saw the DEMONSTRAT stration in here while we were setting up the radio booth. So you know some what are some of the kind of classes that you’re doing? So today we’ve done a class about fall prevention also about the care you need for the life you want. So that’s all about the different housing options and care options available to seniors. And then later we’re doing one about decluttering your home, because that’s one of the reasons why people fall is stuff is in the way. Absolutely so lots of different classes and presentations like that. Rat and then you obviously have a great deal of, you know, activities that go on here yet Snow Valley and we’ve been here answers for elders. It’s been here and numerous occasions, because we come here during the holidays for twelve days of goodness as well, and you have such an amazing community here and active seniors and you do different types of classes and different things like that. Tell us a little bit about, you know, kind of a typical day at the snow velly seniors yeah, like, hmm. So, like on a typical Tuesday we have yoga at nine and then we do scrabble and upwards at one. We have a lunch program Monday through Friday at noon, which is donation based if you’re over sixty. And so, yeah, we just try and offer as many different programs and classes as we can. So and are you’re connected to sound generations of you in county. Is that correct? Yeah, and then you guys also do the meals and wheels program get in here to you. That’s amazing. So you’ve guys have got so many different avenues and I know that when you come into carnation, what I love is you’ve got a little thrift story around them. Yeah, so in you know. So somebody’s going to come out to carnation area and visit the Snow Valley Senior Center. You do lunch every day, don’t yes, so tell us just a little bit about, you know, what seniors can experience here at Snow Valley. Yeah, so, like you said, we offer a lunch program Monday through Friday at noon. It’s just a five dollar suggested donation. So like today they’re doing baked ham, scalut potatoes. It’s a great meal and it’s all just a suggested donation. Nobody has to pay. Wow. So it’s a great program to offer, especially out here in the rural area of King County. Yeah, yeah, and you got probably bring seniors in from like Duval ms here. I’m yeah, what is your kind of your radio? squere? It tends to be duval, carnation and falls city and then the unincorporated areas around them. That’s great. That’s great and and so obviously to have the kind of event that you’re doing here today. I’m sure there’s a lot of seniors here that really don’t have access, easily access to the kind of information that you’re providing. Yeah, mean, being as world as they are, you know, what are the kind of the resources around here? Do you find most league a lot of the resources? I mean we do have the snow Qualmi Valley Hospital up on Snow Qualmy Ridge and we’re really lucky to have so. Tomorrow we’re doing a community resource fair and we have about twenty different providers coming who are all pretty local and they’ll be here in the Great Hall I bet Yes. And so we have like our dental clinic, massage, reflexology, all the different services that we offer, plus a lot of the places around the snow Qualmi Valley area. That’s awesome, awesome. So in doing that, we actually brought stand Essex in here from VOX sox. He kind of has been working with some seniors right now and if our listeners could see, he’s here right now doing demonstrations on, you know, fall prevention through balance, just through his the socks. People are listeners are hearing about what and the really cool thing about this is is for a very low investment, it’s really providing extra balance. And I know that he did that with you, did me? So, Carot, tell me about your experience. It sounded kind of weird didn’t it when? Yeah, still do. Yeah, yeah, so he had me step to the side of these insuls and I put my fists out and he tried to tip me over and I felt, you know, tipped over pretty easily, and then he had me step onto the insuls and then he tried to tip me over again and I was able to stand much firmer than I had been before. Is that? Yeah, so, and he’s done it several times with some of our seniors here too, so and they’ve all really enjoyed it. So yeah, well, I think it’s really amazing to see something as, as you know, revolutionary truly as this product is and how it can help seniors. I know that you know, with hoping that we have can bring a resource like this to Snow Valley Senior Center and some things like this can be really a great thing. So we are talking to karat avery from the Snow Valley Senior Center and Karatt, tell me a little bit of Gat about where you’re located exactly incarnation. So we are located pretty much right in the middle of town, past the one stoplight, and we’re a big building, Tan on the top, Mouron on the bottom, so it’s really hard to miss us. So we’re right in between duval and fall city. That’s awesome. And then, as far as the I know that when this airs, Your Your Fault Prevention Day will be over. So but there, as there’s other types of programs, is somebody we’re going to like reach out to you. What kind of things that classes do you have, like, say, coming up in October? Do you have some things happening in October. Yeah, so in October we’re doing on the ten we’re doing a class about how to avoid scams, because seniors tend to fall victim to scams a lot. That’s it. So, yeah, that I believe that I’ll be at October ten, that thirty. And then on the sixteen we’re doing a class about the King County property tax exemption. So for seniors low incomes. So over it’s over certain age. Yeah, yes, and so we have an elder law person coming in and he’s going to talk about that out of the well forms. That’s sorry. Yeah, that’s great. And then you’ve got obviously big activities that will be happening, I’m sure, during the holidays. Yes, we’re hoping to come back. Yeah, these are goodness. So and so, obviously, you know, in doing events you we usually tag onto you do a lot of things during the holidays. Well, so, you know, there’s a lot of things. I you know, every time I come into here it’s like there’s all kinds of exciting, you know, events going on and it seems like your community is really really yeah, and too. So now we’re sitting here today and we’re watching demonstrations, watching stand do demonstrations. And so obviously today is going to be really more about education. I know you’re doing another class in the other room. Yes, tell me a little bit about that class. So the class happening right now is called the care you need for the life you want. So that’s all about the different housing options and the prices, because a lot of people don’t know how much it cost to have you no retirement homes versus independent living. Right, yes, and then it were about what is long term care corter cover and what doesn’t exactly. So that’s always in misscommunication. Yeah, well, aren’t sure about that? That’s really important. So yeah, yeah, that’s good. And then and then you guys. What do you have going on later today? So at one we have a class called decluttering your home. So Lauren Williams runs an organization called casual uncluttering and she’ll be here to talk about how to declude your home, how to maybe let go of some of those things that are difficult throat go of, because clutter can really affect people in their homes and you know if they might fall tripover things. Sure she does a great presentation. That’s great. That’s great and and obviously you know anything that we can do, like just the knowledge of pulling up throw rugs. Yes, and really talking about what we spend time, you know, talking about is really the whole aspect of you know, decluttering, pulling up throw rugs, but it’s other things, lighting us into big yea in a in a living environment, to make sure that you know where you like. So many falls happen either in the bathroom or on the way to the bath yeah, in the middle of the night. Yeah, because obviously you’re waking up from a sound sleep and you’re walking to the bathroom, and so you know, those those are things. Anything that we can educate on to help in that direction? Yeah, of course, some things that we want to do you. Yeah, tell me a little bit about you know, like what kinds of do you guys have, like a checklist or something like that for Fault Prevention? Of You? Yeah, so we have. We got a big sign made that has like the six different ways to prevent fault. So it talks about, you know, having your hearing and envision checked very good, talking to your doctors, getting an exercise program, cleaning out, you know, clearing out your home, talking to your family, making sure that they know that this is just something you’re writing to do. So yeah, and we really try and make sure everybody can do that and do that here. Yes, that they can, and you have a water bottle with you, which is really good. hydration is a big yeah, that’s true, and people don’t think about the whole aspect of how hydration directly is linked to your ability to have balance and and, you know, stability. So that’s something is just making sure that you know a loved one is maybe drinking enough water and making sure that there is, it’s easily accessible and, of course, having a water bottle like that, where you know you have to drink so much, yeah, is really a good way to do that. So we have about one minute left, so tell me a little bit about you know, in a nutshell, where how did I know you’re in downtown carnation? What’s your address and what are your hours and and how do we contact you? Yeah, so our address is for six zero Stevens Avenue, carnation, Washington, nine hundred and one four, and our hours are we’re open Monday through Friday, eight to thirty and our website is www dot snow valley senior dot Org. That’s Sno Valley Senior Center Dot Org. That’s wonderful and and as far as just knowing everyone that we’re so grateful that you have us here and having this amazing program to help seniors. And hopefully we’ll get more people out here next hear exactly. That’s always our goal. Yeah, to get more and more out here how to learn about this and just and just knowing that we can be of service to you, guys, and and also twelve days of goodness. Now get that. Yeah, hope to. Yeah, that’s always a good event here. All right, thanks again, from then on the show to yeah, thank you for having me. Huh Answers for elders radio show with Susan Newman. Hopes you found this podcast useful in your journey of navigating senior care. Check out more podcasts like this to help you find qualified senior care experts and areas of financial, legal, health and wellness and living options. Learn about our radio show, receive our monthly newsletter, receive promotional discounts and meet our experts by clicking on the banner to join the Senior Advocate Network at answers for elders RADIOCOM. Now there is one place to find the answers for elders


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Originally published September 25, 2018

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