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Assisted Living OptionsAssisted Living (Residential Care For The Elderly/RCFE in some states) offers help with non-medical aspects of daily activities in an atmosphere of separate, private living units. It can be likened to Congregate living for residents less able to function independently in one or some of the aspects of daily living.

RCFEs may also be known as Retirement Homes and Board and Care Homes. These facilities provide services to persons 60 and over, and to those under 60 with compatible needs.

In addition to providing meals, transportation for medical appointments, activities, and pleasure trips, Assisted Living may provide

• Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, and walking • Emergency call systems in each resident’s living space
• Housekeeping services • Access to health and medical services
• Round the clock security • Exercise and wellness programs
• Medication management • Laundry services
• Social and recreational activities • Staff available to help with scheduled needs, as well as unexpected issues

Some residences offer services on an "a la carte" basis, creating opportunities for greater control over one's life. Choice availability offers living arrangements with flexible and shared risk or responsibility. Assisted living should offer opportunities to be as independent as residents are capable of, or willing to be.

This is a life style for those who are mildly, cognitively impaired, while physically capable; or those who are mentally capable but have motor or balance difficulties.

Medicare will not cover costs related to Assisted Living, nor will it cover similar services contracted to serve a patient in their own home, however in some states Medicaid or other funding sources are available to help pay part of the cost for care.

For a "Congregate" Community to offer assistance with aspects of daily living, most states require licensing. Check with your state licensing office to find if Assisted Living is licensed separately, the agency responsible for licensing, and the criteria used.

Some care communities contract with licensed outside services to perform assistance, enabling them to offer assisted living services within a congregate setting. Some of these licensed providers are also available for home hire.

What services can be offered by out services in a group healthcare setting may be regulated by state licensing.

Signs That Indicate Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living

- empty refrigerator, or one filled with spoiled food;
- loss of weight;
- same clothes worn multiple times;
- evidence that the person is not bathing or otherwise caring for personal hygiene;
- Inappropriate dressing for the weather;
- noticible falling-off in usual housekeeping habits; un-raked - - leaves in the yard, untidy lawn or garden;
- forgeting to take medications (or taking them more than once);
- forgetting to eat; forgetting appointments;
- appearing to be unusually depressed or unusually cheerful;
- bruises caused by falling or bumping into objects.

Federal regulations require any long-term care home or facility to provide 30 days written notice and an appropriate discharge plan if they determine a patient is inapporpriate to remain with them. They are not permitted just to tell you verbally that you have to relocate a loved one!

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Assisted Living

Specific community resouce information is available in
Resources by State, here

CareScout provides ratings of Assisted Living Communities throughout the USA. For a report fee and registration you can check a rating for a community you are considering for a loved one.