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Holidays during COVID, with Daphne Davis

Daphne Davis at Pinnacle Senior Placements talks about using Zoom and other creative ways to reach out to our family members during the pandemic. 

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The following podcast is provided by pinnacles senior placements LLC and answers for Elders Radio, and happy holidays to everyone, as we are celebrating our wonderful holiday season and a big celebration on answers for elders radio. This week is we have our very wonderful Daphne Davis from pinnacles senior placements here to join us. Daphne, welcome to the show. Hello everyone, how was your holiday? Quiet, you know, as as we’ve all experienced, it was different. It was quiet, but it was still joy field and they took a little extra energy for us to be able to step forward and find the joy in a crazy, chaotic time. So I’m very thankful that it goes able to see the people that I did. I use zoom a lot and with a people and in all actuality, I have to say I saw more people this year than I have in the past because I used zoom. So we just might. My family just made that decision to use zoom and we checked in with people and did things that we’ve never done before. So I hope our listeners were able to creatively figure out ways of having some time together with their family absolutely and you know, I think it’s really important that we look at the positive here, because you know, who to sunk here, like back when a covid hit and we were back in March that we’d still be here and you know in this situation. But the good news is is that there’s a vaccine on the horizon and it’s being distributed and you know, it’s it’s a really you know, I think we’re starting to see the beginning of the end of this. So now we all see exactly I know we all have a sense of hope and we have a sense of I’m hopefully joy again that we can find in the in the depths of our heart so that we can share that and, particularly in our world, share it with our elders, I loved ones that we don’t get this see on a daily basis, to keep their spirits up and to be able to make their world a little bit bigger in very creative ways. I want to encourage everyone here that’s listening today to not shy away from reaching out for some support, some ideas, for someone to look at your situation and your story and it’s uniqueness with fresh eyes. That’s a commitment that pinnacle senior placements has made is that we’re here to help you in this very bizarre time of covid to figure or out how can we still be connected. And sometimes, and we start those conversations with our families, are like deafnete. I think you’re out in the Mooney town world. But comes to fruition. Is Reality of success that families are able to get back together in creative ways, and so it takes the mindset of open mindedness. So after, after you’ve listened to everything today, I hope that you can encourage your loved ones and yourself to be open minded and trying new things and and maybe see the cup of life as Hasfow, not empty, maybe see the possibilities instead of the reasons that something can’t happen or can’t work. But really come into this new year with a fresh set of eyes, eyes and a heart that says we can sustain a relationship, because that’s the piece that’s most critical right now, is maintaining our relationships. I know I’ve had a lot of conversations with families that are like, oh my goodness gave me. Has Been, you know, seven, eight, nine, ten months since I’ve really had a night hug with my mom. You know, who would have ever thought that a simple hug would have been something that we would we would cherish and celebrate and yearned for, and so these are the the thing’s to kind of open up your heart, like I said, for new things. I don’t know about your life, but my my world was getting very small. I was in my house all the time still and in my house all the time. I live on zoom. That is what I do, and boing. My learning curve was very steep and figuring out how to do that. But here’s like I said, you’re at Pinnacle. We’re here to help each and every one of you figured this out. Just just two days ago I was speaking to a woman who’s ninety one years old, her husband’s ninety two and she’s been the caregiver for him his whole life and he’s now got into a place in his life that he needs extra support. And Yeah, why if she is just heartbroken, absolutely heartbroken about, you know, not being able to take care of her home, her husband at home anymore, but by her reaching out, having the courage to know this isn’t something I can continue, and for Pinnacle to listen to her heart and her story and her highest values. We are working on finding just the right place for him to get care where she can still be, quote in finger quotes, involved in his care. Yeah, tell you the story, because everything is possible. It’s just a matter of having conversation and awareness, the courage to speak. We your heart, you’re courage to say your fears, the courage to say but I don’t want to give this up, because when you tell me those things, we can try and fill them. Now, is it going to be just like at home? Absolutely not. It’s going to be different and it is going to be a new adventure. But in that new adventure you get to learn new things, you could to experience new things. In my world, God has a plan for everything, and who knows what’s going to be in that new environment that you’ll be living in. So my message today is all about hope and courage and finding that Silver Mining Pinnacle. And all seven of us that are helping our families right now have honed our skills in learning how to gather information differently, because we don’t get to sit in front of you anymore. We have to keep this thing called the phone and move and we don’t get to have eye to eye conversation. I don’t get this feeling your energy, but it’s but we really made the commitment to knowing how to help you identify your highest values. This can help in terms of moving forward when things can look so bleak and sad and like you’re giving up everything. Because, yeah, when you have to what you’re saying, ask for help, it’s perfect. What you’re saying is so important and it’s interesting because I was talking to a family yesterday and and they’re you know, just because it’s a pandemic doesn’t mean that our needs and our you know, in our our seniors don’t need the same amount of help that they did before the pandemic started and certainly as help decline. Families are faced right now with with crossroads that they wish they weren’t there during a pandemic and there’s a lot of questions right now and one of the things that I think is so valuable about what you do is you have the time. You take the time with families to explore that there’s many options and that there’s no cookie cutter approach and that there’s different ways of working together, and I think that’s really talk about. Hope is making sure that you understand what all your options are, because again, I don’t think person only. I know for me, when I was a caregiver, I didn’t know what those all the options were. I just figured that, you know, my mom would have to go here or you know, I didn’t realize that there was like maybe that’s home care, maybe it’s a, you know, it don’t family home, maybe it’s a senior living community, maybe it’s but Alzheimer’s, maybe it’s a memory care situation or, you know, continuing care of retirement community, depending on the different types of, you know, circumstances and financial options that a senior has. And I think there is the gift that you give to our families right now, because I know they’re lost. They don’t necessarily know how to make those decisions given the the circumstances. So I really want to say, during this holiday season when we’re talking about hope and and, you know, just just the overall, I want to say thank you to you for all that you do for our families, because truly to honor those higher values is so valuable and certainly important. So thank you for what you do, Dafney. Well, you’re so welcome and you’ve made a really, really good coin about knowing the options, because one of the main I hear constantly as Oh, I didn’t know we could do that. Oh, I didn’t know that was an option. Oh, I thought that was the expensive Oh. And I just love being able to share with people truly the options that fit for their story. And that’s where you get to Glean from our twenty plus years of experience at at at Pinnacle to be able to know just what is the right option. And as as always, you are the decisionmakers. We aren’t the decisionmakers, we’re just an information post that can spell out all of those options for you. I will share just briefly here that one of the things that gets overlooked is adult family homes, and I will tell you right now that that is really a valuable option right now because it has flexibility that maybe larger communities do not and it’s it’s a really viable option to consider in your choices when you have to move outside of your home. So now you’re getally made a believers in me on adult family homes, where before I was kind of hesitant. But even now, during the pandemic there, I cannot imagine a better solution in many cases because it’s a smaller community, it’s a home environment, you’re exposed to less people, less people coming from the out in, from the outside. So all of these things are, I think, very valuable to as well. Yes, yeah, it is. And you know, the other thing is, and then we’re closing up this segment here. But the other thing is is that it doesn’t have to be long term. You have flexibility and we can talk more about you know what that flexibility looks like in our next session. But but it is it can be something that’s short term through pandemic times, and then we can make another adjustment as things change down the road. Yeah, nothing has been stone forever. Yes, yes, definite. I know you can help our families. How do they reach you? The best way to reach us is directly on that phone called and dialing at eight hundred and fifty five, seven, three four, one thousand five hundred. Again, that’s eight and fifty five, seven, three four, one thousand fifteen hundred. And if you go to our website you can see brand new pictures of our whole team at a pinnacle senior Placementscom awesome and everyone. We’re going to have a very treat today because definite slip us for the entire hour and she will be back right after this. The preceding podcast was provided by pinnacles senior placements LLC and answers for elders radio. To contact pinnacles senior placements, go to Pinnacle Senior Placementscom.


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Originally published December 27, 2020

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