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Looking Forward to 2021, with Daphne Davis

Daphne Davis at Pinnacle Senior Placements talks about looking forward to 2021 and bridging towards a new chapter in this new normal.

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The following podcast is provided by pinnacles senior placements LLC and answers for elders. Radio and welcome back and happy holidays to everyone here and all of our listeners, as we are here with Wonderful Daphne Davis from pinnacles senior placements. And Daphne, I can’t believe how fast this hour has gone with us. They usually do go fast because you and I both know how to talk. We do, we do, and in our last segment this hour, you know, we are looking upon finally setting two thousand and twenty behind us. I think we can all agree that this has been a very, at best, challenging year for us and a lot of us, sadly, have lost loved ones have been through a lot of emotional turmoil. I also want to put do a special shout out to all of our care providers that have been there for our seniors and for those that have needed care. We’ve also got not only care providers, healthcare people, but we’ve also got people that are home, that are taking care of loved ones and maybe in a situation of having, you know, lost a job or different things like that. And so now we’re looking at you know, a new slate right and I would love to talk to you a little bit about you know, as we look into a new year, what are some things, deephite, that you look at to help Families Bridge to a new you know, a new normal, as per se hidden, a new chapter? Yeah, it’s a very broad topic that we can can talk about, but it is hopeful to be thinking about two thousand and twenty one in a way of just kind of shaking off the old. I like that kind of image is shake it off and we’re moving forward. Our eyes are forward and sometimes at this time of year, when we’re starting a new year, we might be doing some personal quote housekeeping, and maybe that’s an area of looking at legal documents. Maybe it’s an area of thinking about downsizing a home, anticipating that a loved one might need to be moving. And how do we do that? How do we sell a home without someone feeling like they’re losing their their soul? How do we have our nobs to be a part of those processes? Those are all things that pinnacle, senior placements and all of our advisers here can help you with. I say that many times we are in information post. We are not decisionmakers and we have vetted many, many companies, as well as answers for elders that can help you in moving forward with you know what, I have a documents that my mom and dad need. What are the documents that I may need on a legal level? You know, do I have my durable power of attorney in place? Have I thought about a healthier power of attorney? What is a living will? Do I want to be resuscitated or not resuscitated? Is My trust and will and in place? I mean, if I’m throwing out names of documents that you’re not aware of, you might want to reach out and do some education of yourself so that you know what what no documents are and how they affect your life. Some of them are very critical in terms of being able to have your wishes just sting. You know, if you’re in in a situation where you can’t articulate what your wishes are any longer, make sure they’re written down. Make sure that someone knows what you want to have happened sometimes, and I don’t know about the rest of the world, but my family likes to have things and collect things and hang onto memorabilia. Everything is near and dear to our heart. You know, the favorite little my mom has something that I made in sixth grade. You just showed to me. I’m fifty six years old. I was twelve and six. There’s a long time for my mom Bey. But you get to this place where you’re like, what do we do at this house? How do I help my parents start downsizing and still keep their dignity and not having to feel like I’m in a battle with them all the time? These are some things that we can move forward in this two thousand and twenty one. When you look at that list of things of I’m been meaning to get them done. Two Thousand and twenty we were in survival mode, total survival mode two thousand and twenty one. If that’s on your list of things to do, let it be the time that your shoulders get, you know, a little broader in terms of I’m going to resolve to get these projects done. It might be of a simple phone call to pinnacles in your placements that we can say hey, these people can help you or this person will advise you in terms of yes, you need this, no, you don’t need this, but try not to do it alone. I know then you’ve talked a lot about how important it is to know what you don’t know, and these types of subjects are really important to have documents in place, very much so. And I think the other thing about it is to is we’ve had a lot of time for introspection. In Two thousand and twenty you know, a lot of us have been sitting alone, included myself. The only person that I have contact with is my husband and maybe on you know, I’ll see the grocery store person that loads my groceries. But, like you said, our world is you said in this first hour our world has gotten smaller. But I think that is been a gift in itself. And to look at two thousand and twenty one is a theme for Renewal, you know, to be able to think of how can I reinvent myself based on some insights or some introspections that we gain through this time, and I think that’s important. I know for me, you know, there’s been a lot of opportunities for me to take a look at you know what. What’s more, I’ve paid more attention to my home this year than I ever have, and that’s been kind of interesting because I normally am not you know a homebody type person, but now it’s like wow, you know, I want to decorate more for Christmas. I want to still have the quality of the holiday, but I also want to have a better quality of next year. I want to think about how I could do things more mindfully, and I think that’s that’s kind of a lot of what you’re saying as well, just with the documents, but also overall. What did we gain from two thousand and twenty when you agree that me. Yeah, absolutely, there is a silver lining there. I know that there is a lot that I was able to gain in two thousand and twenty. One one of them just increase my sabbiness with technology. I mean that will not have happened without covid and I’m thankful for that. I have a home with, you know, set of skill that I did not have before. Now, when we’re thinking about our relationships with our elders, maybe it’s a time to say, you know, and I’m going to backpack a second, you talked about your mom and her having recipes that you don’t have now and she’s not here for you to ask about it. Maybe this is the time that you don’t put off, like I remember, to ask Dad about ask them, pick up the phone right and though, send them an email, do something, hook up the zoom and don’t put it off. You know, I think what we’re talking about here is being intentional, whether it be your legal documents, selling a home, downsizing, getting the favorite recipe, hearing the story one more time, getting the details of something that’s happened, be intentional. This is two thousand and twenty one. You know, if you knew, it’s fresh. It’s going to be exciting if we put our energy there. I know for me, what you’re saying and what you’re saying to is a lot of us right now are having dialogs with our family members during this holiday season. You know, we may have seen them on a zoom call or whatever with, you know, during Christmas holiday. You know this last week, but we certainly have this new year coming up and there’s all different types of things. It’s having new conversations about. You know, how are we progressing as a family? What kind of cut topics do we need to talk about for our own, you know, care of our loved ones as well as ourselves, and I think those are some options as well, don’t you think? Yeah, definitely, having all of those conversations are really important, but the important pieces. Do Them. Just you at it off, you know, be introspective, be aware of what your highest values are, be aware of the things that are truly important to you and now make them happen. Make them happen. Yeah, those are the things that we can do. You know, I want to include our younger people, are grandkids, the nieces and nephews. I think it’s also important to include that generation because they too are struggling and I talked about a sense of purpose a lot and our children, our grandkids, if we can help them have a sense of purpose and giving to their grandparents, their aunts and uncle’s, what a wonderful thing could have to be able to do. To think in terms of those lines as well. How can we help elevate everyone’s life in this next coming year? It’s an important piece, it certainly is, and it involves them to being a part of the process. I think one of the reasons why our young people don’t get involved with helping their their grandparents, just they’re left out of the loop. Having, you know, involving them isn’t is just as important. Yeah, it is. My mom tells the story of she lived here in Washington at the time and went back to Minnesota and was visiting her family. This was in the one thousand nine hundred and seventy and her grandmother was still alive at the time but she was at a nursing home and my mom regrets not having visit at her at the time. My mom was very young and she said, I know, I just didn’t know what to expect, and that sits on my heart a lot to not and it does on my mom’s part as well, but to include your grandkids, your children, whatever in the process of visiting people. And Right now, what an easier way to do than be a zoom if you’re yeah, you’re parents are living, you know in a situation that you can’t visit them, which is most situations. What is a non threatening way, because your kids certainly know zoom now they’re doing they’re doing school, one zoom, and so they know how to do that and don’t know how you’re so much more than we do. I don’t say ever, don’t they ever, but it it’s kind of to take the mystery away. You know, you don’t let it be a scary thing. These are our viable human beings who want interacted. Let’s be creative and figure out how we can have the interacting and and be purposeful in that. It is an odd time that we live in, but also a very exciting time of possibility. Yes, absolutely, and I think too, you know, as we go forward. I just want to say happy New Year to you and all that you do for our families and for our families that are listening. Definitely is an amazing resource for each and every one of you. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process of caring for a loved one. Definitely can help and I encourage each and every one of you just to touch base with her and you can reach her. Definitely. How do we reach you? Eight hundred and fifty five, seven hundred and thirty four fifteen hundred, and our website is easy. Chinnacle senior placements. Thatcom well, I just wish each first of all you guys on your team of seven of Your Amazing People at Pinnacle, Wonderful Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you through the next year. In Two thousand and twenty one with things are a lot better when we can all come together now that we have a vaccine coming, and certainly we had answered for elders. Are So happy and privileged and honor to be able to be the voice of senior care here in this last weekend of two thousand and twenty as we move forward into a brand new year. And so to each and every one of you, have a safe rest of your holiday season and remember this, be good to each other. The preceding podcast was provided by pinnacles senior placements LLC and answers for elders radio. To contact pinnacles senior placements, go to Pinnacle Senior Placementscom.


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Originally published December 27, 2020

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