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Mama Blue Special with Norb Caoili, Part 1

The first of two Mama Blue special segments with Norb Caoili.

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The following is a podcast from a qualified senior care provider, hurt, on the answers for elders radio show. And Welcome back everyone to answers for elders radio. And we are here now with a very special friend and a special guest, one of the, I guess I could say, founders of fans for good. That’s FA is Z, the number for good. Mr Norb, cow wheelie and NORB, welcome to answers for alders radio through them. Thanks for having me. I appreciate this opportunity to speak with you today. Well, we’re excited you’re here because we just had a wonderful conversation with Steve Rabel about our memories of Mamma Blue and, of course, fans for good is a very tight organization with Mama blue for many reasons, because one of your founders, Mark Collins, is obviously very close to Mama blue as well as you are. And you know we’re here obviously to rally the fans together to help and support this amazing woman. And so norm tell us a little bit about you know your memories of her and you know tell us about fans for good and why you know what’s going on here so thanks for good is a nonprofit organization founded by myself, Mark Collins, as you mentioned, and Sarah Bryan. The three of us make up the the small group that runs fans for good and we came together because we wanted to utilize what we are strengths working together to try to help serve the community, help people who need help around, especially twelves, around the Pacific northwest. That’s kind of where our goal started when we form this organization, and so since our exception, we’ve dedicated whatever funds were able to raise to helping people during the holidays, to help them with holiday grants, which allows them to if their little short, they could have some money to have food on the table or to buy presents for their kids. And we also help cancer patients. From sweetest they they send US referrals of folks who need some some assistance. You know, we’re not a huge organization, so we don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars. But we can do is is with the help of working together with the the fans around town, is we come together and we’re able to, you know, pull our funds together and help out with the little things, especially with the cancer pations. They’ve got their battle to deal with, just the mental journey of trying to be strong to go through something like that, and so sometimes a little thing, little bills and a little just the things that you have to take care of. We just try to make that a little bit easier and help them with that, and that’s kind of where it crosses over to Mama blue situation. As you said, Mamma blue and market particularly are very close. They’ve known each other for a long time and really that they came together when the save our seahawks time happened, when they formed that group to help keep the seahawks in town back in the late s when Ken Barry tried to move them to California and mark got that movement going and Mama Blue is one of the first people to jump in and help out, and that’s kind of where their friends should began. So they’ve got each other for years and they’ve both been going to game since the beginning. I only got to know Mama blue only in the more recent years, but as he’s a wonderful woman and I’ve heard so many of the great stories from mark over the years of all the things that they’ve gone through and the friendship they have so helping her, especially when we found out that she got hit with this terrible disease, and cancer one. We were shocked to hear it because she’s been such a healthy person, especially since she’s eighty nine years old, but a very strong and still very witty eighty nine year old going on ninety, and when we found out about that we just knew as strong as she is, you know this is at her age. This is a tough metal fite, but we wanted to make sure we can help her anyway we can with, you know, the the costs that are definitely going to be coming her way with with the treepment uses. So that’s really the reason why you gotta go on. Yeah, and you know what you’re saying is so important because you know, Mama blue has been there for the fans forever and you know we talked about in with Steve in our previous statement. We wouldn’t have a team really if it wasn’t for Mark Collins and and Patty Hammond, also also known as Mamma blue, because they really were the two people that really stepped up to say we can save this team, and you know it was their commitment and they’re you know, the time that they invested in. I know for you you even did a whole video on you know, how the team was saved, and it certainly on your site you also do a little story about Mama Blue. And so for those of our listeners that are interested in learning more about Mama Blue and who she is, I know. Let’s talk about what fans, and you know fans for good, is doing for her, and certainly they can learn more information at your website. And is that it’s FANS FA N Z number for Goodcom? Is that correct? Is that the website? Yes, then that’s you have. That absolutely correct. So at fans for good, yes, we have what we’ve done to try to help Mama blue as we’ve set up a fundraiser for her or we have a link on our website that allow you to donate and anything, any little bit helps, from a dollar to a hundred dollars, whatever people can afford. Again, it’s the power of the twelve people coming together if they just do a little bit, a bunch of people doing a little bit as Ault. And so we have a goal of raising twenty fivezero dollars for her and we’re past halfway. I think we’re around Fifteenzero right now, but we would love to reach that goal. So we just want to close in on ITZERO dollars and it’s tax seductible because we are a five, one, c three, so that another benefit to work with us. And Yeah, we also have one on our fans for good facebook page for those of you who are on facebook. They can donate there as well. But yeah, it’s you know, it’s been again. This is she’s so well known and icon in Seattle really when it comes to the seahawks and being a sports fan, and it’s she’s recognizable. She’s been seen everywhere for so many years, over the years, since the kingdom days. But I have the opportunity to get to know her personally, as you mentioned, the documentary that I did about to save our seahawks, particularly about Mark Collins Involvement, which also allowed me to interview Mama Blue. So she was in that documentary as well as the small piece I did just about her, but I got to know the closer, more front inside of her, oneonone, and she is just so amazingly smart. How how sharp she is. She’s very absormant, she remembers everything and she’s just always got a joke to crack, even after and talking to her on the phone about this kid. So it things you couldn’t help, but throwing a few jokes which, you know, lighten the mood for me. So I’m here. She’s been taking this very positively and having the right mental attitude and she just really wants to get going on it. She’s ready to start fighting and do whatever needs to be done. So she’s got a strong will and and I know she can do this. I know she’s got the mental makeup to battle through, but we still got to help help her out so that she can not have to worry too much and just focus on the fight, and that’s that’s what we want to try to do with her. So yeah, it’s yeah, it’s it’s a really important thing. I really want to see her make it to her ninety birthday and the fact that we don’t even have any games at century link right now in some ways is for two of his timing, in the sense that this can give mom will do the time to get better and hopefully, by the time they do that may be right back in there not miss a beat, because he has she rarely misses games whenever she can, she’s down there and cheering on the seahawks and doing her things and doing it so many years. So we don’t want her to miss that. So yes, we got to help her out well. And you know, the thing that is really important, and I think this did not only has she been there for the face hands, but you know, Steve shared how much she’s been there for the players. You know she’s kind of a curguit mom to so many and you know, I understand there’s this this relationship between the seahawks and mamma blue and she’s always been there for fans. She’s been there for twelve days of goodness. She’s always steps up to you know, to help with home or Doo. That really the time for the twelve to come together to support her. And you know, as we shared her her season tickets are donated to her. They she does not pay for them. is on a very, very tight fixed income, and so you know that the money that we’re going to be raising for her is going to ease her stress factor of, you know, making sure that she has a proper care that she needs, not only, you know, in just just her cancer treatment, but there’s also all different types of added expenses when you have this type of a diagnosis. And so certainly we’re hopeful that that the twelves will come together and step up. We’ve got this last tenzeros to raise and again, if you just have just a small amount, even if it’s a dollar, it helps because we know there are millions of twelves out there and certainly we would appreciate your support. And nor what is the websitee. Again, on our website is fans for goodcom FA N Z, the number for goodcom fans for good, and you can donate right there, go right to the website and certainly it’s very easy and again, your donation is tax deductible, and so norm we’re going to talk a little bit in our next segment. I want to talk a little bit about, you know, just memories of Mamma Blue that you have, certainly I have, and let’s talk a little bit more about football, and you know your you have an amazing channel as well on your other side of your world. So let’s talk a little bit about norb Cam as well and how North Cam is also supporting Mama blue in the fans. You know, do you have any? You know, we have about a minute left. Do you have a little special memory to start? But probably yeah, this is the my my favorite memory of Mama Blue was when in two thousand and seventeen we went back together to Canon Ohio for the hall of fame induction for Kenny easily, and Mama Blu was you could talk about. He is a member of the Fan Hall of fame. Was the first seahawks fan to go in there. So we actually a stands for good. We raise money so that she could go back to Kenton and on that trip and we did it. So it was an opportunity to bring her back there and again and hang out with her. I was essentially kind of her chaperone through most of the festivities and we got to go see Kenny easily get inducted and, for those of you who may have seen it any easily did the very special shout out to Mama Bleu on the during his speech, during his hall of fame speech, and that was amazing. So we have to be there in the building to witness that. But that was like the highlight. But that whole trip had so many fun things that we could definitely get into. So that trip was definitely loved talk about that some good. Hey, everyone’s go so go to fans, forgive. That’s SA and Z number for goodcom just a any sort of donation in the world would help. Let’s get Mama blue over the top. Let’s raise the fund so that she can recover easily, without stress and again, norm will be right back with me right after this answers for elders radio show with Czan Newman. Hopes you found this podcast useful in your journey of navigating senior care. Check out more podcast like this to help you find qualified senior care experts and areas of financial, Lego, health and wellness and living options. Learn about our radio show, receive our monthly newsletter, receive promotional discounts and meet our experts by clicking on the banner to join the Senior Advocate Network at answers for elders RADIOCOM. Now there is one place to find the answers for elders


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Originally published September 13, 2020

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