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Medicare Moments with Toni King, airing every Wednesday, focuses on helping Americans reaching retirement age make sense of Medicare. Toni shares her tips, strategies, and little-known facts to help listeners personalize their plans.

“When it comes to Medicare, what you don’t know WILL hurt you!

Join Toni for a new episode every Wednesday and don’t forget to check out her latest articles for more Medicare news, planning tips, and guidance.

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About Toni King

Toni King

Toni King is an author, columnist, and radio and TV personality who specializes in Medicare, Social Security, and long-term care planning. While conducting a Medicare workshop in 2009, Toni was approached by a member of the audience who had received incorrect information about his Medicare Part B enrollment from Social Security. After taking a couple of days to help the gentleman straighten out his overwhelming problem, Toni’s new mission had become clear. Following more than 27 years as a top sales leader in the Medicare insurance industry, Toni would become an advocate for Americans receiving Medicare. Since then, Toni has devoted her life and career to putting Medicare into “people terms” with the help of her books, consultations, workshops, and website. Toni King is from Houston, Texas, where her family’s restaurant, Angelo’s Fisherman’s Wharf, was a community landmark. As a dedicated native Houstonian, Toni often says she bleeds red, white, and blue! Read articles by Toni King.

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What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You!

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What Medicare Option Is Best for You
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• Losing Retirement Benefits

How to Avoid
• The Donut Hole
• Part B Penalties
• Part D IRMAA Penalties

If you are enrolling in Medicare and are confused by the commercials and telemarketers, or from the information that well-meaning friends or family members give, let Toni guide you through the maze of Medicare. Order TODAY!

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