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Mission Healthcare’s State of the Art Services

Dell Workman, administrator at Careage–Mission Healthcare, talks about their state of the art services.

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This is a special presentation of answers for elders with carriage and welcome back to answers for elders radio. Everyone, I am here again with Dell and Ashika and we are talking about the brand new mission healthcare at Renton that will be opening on August first and I wanted to take some time, Dell and Ashika, to talk about kind of what makes this facility so unique and so special. So welcome, so much for coming back. Thank you for having us so, Ashika, tell me a little bit about the new services that you guys are going to be offering. That really is unique to a skilled nursing facility. Sure, we’re opening up a state of an art facility in Renton. It’s going to be all private rooms. It’s going to be five star hotel concierge style. That’s amazing, where rooms are going to have, you know, a refrigerator and microwave and all the comforts that you would need to facilitate your recovery and get back home well. And that’s so important too, because sometimes you just like your own kinds of stuff, you know, whether it’s a you know, a milk or milkshake or, you know, any sort of fresh fruit that you like or anything like that, and it helps, I think, the families to get involved because they can bring those kind of things in, where normally you don’t necessarily see that in skill nursing. Do you tell no, in fact, that’s what we’re really aiming for. As I said earlier, we’re taking a concept of somebody who has to has to spend time in the hospital and prior to going back home or to another setting, how do we give that person the best experience possible when they really don’t want to be in any place? And Health Care Right, right, and to think about too. When, you know, I think about when my mother was a skill nursing. You know, there’s so many things that they just they were wonderful people. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but good things to say about the people that care for my mom, but the services, the food, wasn’t up to her standards. The you know, there’s certain things she liked that they didn’t prepare things in the way she liked them too. You know, they got her up way too early. She wasn’t a big breakfast eater. She really wanted to have just, you know, cereal and and milk, but they wanted to take her down at thirty in the morning. My mother was not a morning person. Song, tell me, what do you have to share about? So we recognize that not only do you with your mother, but I as a path as patient and a future patient. How do I want? What experience do I want if I have to be in a setting? That’s what we’ve built with our mission healthcare at rented Ashika reference the concierge type environment, from the microwave to the refrigerator to the private suite, individual bathroom, individual bathing facility, the ability to say, at thirty in the morning now I’m ready for a breakfast of my choice and I want poached eggs over a croissant. I want a steak for dinner and I want my dinner at forty five, not at thirty with a group of thirty other patients. That is so, so valuable and just honoring of seniors and I think that’s really what you guys are about, and I know a lot of your facilities do that. They have, you know, order from a menu. You Walk in, you could there’s no set time that you have to go to dinner, there’s no set time that you have to go to breakfast or lunch. There’s it’s basically serving the senior the way they want to be acknowledged, and I think that’s so valuable both of you. And to do that in a skilled nursing setting, I’m just amazed. That’s I’ve never heard of this before and that’s what makes it unique. And that is again what we are striving to do with the new center in rent and is to provide a setting that is different than what folks that what people expect in a skilled nursing center right, right. And you know, one of the things that tell you, and I’ve had conversations before that I think is so cool, is that you also do a lot of activities with seniors that are recovering and you know, would you guys share a little bit about some of the activities that you can do with seniors that are recovering from illness? We have, again, I take pride in saying that we do more than a typical skilled nursing center. Not only do we have many on site in center activities, we participate in in many external activities and ventures and try to build those activities around what will help that patient return to their prior level healthier right and I think too is you know, especially when you’re working hard with physical therapy, there’s this element of you know, everything’s hard, you don’t want to wake up in the morning. You’d you know, especially when you’re working your muscles, it’s going to they’re going to experience some pain, some hardship. You know they they’re going to be press pressed, sometimes in fear of fear of falling, things like that, because they’re going to be pushing themselves and have that aspect. Now as one of the things, I know you guys offer as massage as well. So it’s a lot of wellness care, I’m assuming. Is that correct, we have again enhancing the experience of the past. We don’t have a beauty parlor. We have a salon where a full body massage can occur. Perfect, perfect, and that it really is. You know, when you say Beauty Salon, you can get your hair cut at everything like that. You you don’t have that feeling of like you know you’re going to be suffering in any of those areas. Obviously this is a time for you to feel cared for and loved and and it’s a good thing too for a family member to know that mom or dad or even, you know, younger situation. You in this case in respect care, often times you will have younger individuals that need a rehabilitative type process. So so tell me a little bit about mission health cares opening and and kind of what kind of things that you have planned for your opening and in August, because it’s a new center. There are just some it will be a slow start. We have will bring in a couple of patients at a time and then ramp up and build up. The center is sixty suites. We will be as I as I said earlier, we will be bringing in the community to tour the center. We will have wine and Dine under events. We will have rent and chamber will be helping us with the ribbon cutting. Nice, Nice, and so obviously I’m going to ask the question because I don’t know what the answer but we’re hearing all these things about, you know, private rooms and microwaves and and find, you know, five star dining. Is there an extra charge to this? There is not. So there’s your answer everyone. There’s no extra charge. It’s the same as whether you were in any sort of Rehab facility. And so Dell and Ashika tell us a little bit about if families, you know, need to find a Rehab Center. You know what, what would be the process of seeking you guys out? I mean do they can? Do they have a choice? There are many choices out there today. There are many centers out there that provide very good m service. As in care. There’s two ways really to reach out to US specifically. One is to directly contact us. The other is through the Care Center the hospital where they currently are. They can talk with the case manager, the social worker or their nurses at the bedside and request information on US or request that post hospital stay, that they continue their recovery at mission healthcare at Renton. So and I think that Ashika, you being a social worker, a lot of families they’ll tend to say, you know, mom or dad break broke their hit there in a hospital and all of a sudden the discharge penner from the hospital says, okay, we’re going to transform to a Rehab Center and we kind of as family members, sit there with kind of our eyes glossed over. You know, we don’t we’re deer in the headlights when kind of at the see of people like you guys. And one thing I really want to advocate is that families do have a choice. It’s not not just about the place that they tended to see they’re going to send you to, and that’s the thing I think that’s really important that you can, as fat as families here, can request your family member, if it’s convenient for you and your loved one, to to be a part of mission health care in Renton and have that, you know, that private suite experience as their recuperating, and I think that’s really a valuable thing, you know, to share. Is there anything else, I guess from a discharge Planning Situation Ashika, that you would you would share with us a little bit? Sure I would. I would agree with what you’re saying and and you are families and patients are really their best advocate and education is always a big piece of this. So I would encourage you to take a tour. Take a tour of our community, take a tour of other communities and and look what would serve your your loved one best you could go to. There’s a lot of research out there about the quality of care at different facilities and word of mouth. You might have a friend who hadn’t experienced one place or another that that you might weigh into your decision, but certainly do the research, take a tour and be pleasantly persistent. Well, and I love that and I love to that. You know, you guys are getting ready to open. Are you still hot? Just for the our listeners, are you guys have all your staff hired? Are you still looking for New People? We are currently still hiring. We have the core group of staff. We are fortunate that several of our staff at our current mission healthcare Bellevue center will be moving over to our new center with their already be trained and there were not only trained, they come with years of healthcare experience. Nice, so we have that going for us. But yes, we are currently looking for registered nurses. We are currently looking for line staff. Wonderful, wonderful. Well, I we’re just really excited and and looking forward to having you guys open up and and will be the first ones on line to congratulate you. Thanks again both of you for being on the program thank you for having us. This has been a special presentation of answers for elders with Careage. For more information for carriage, go to That’s


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Originally published June 23, 2018

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