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Practical Gratitude, with Daphne Davis

Daphne Davis at Pinnacle Senior Placements talks about practical gratitude for the holidays.

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The following podcast is provided by pinnacles senior placements LLC and answers for elders radio, and welcome everyone back to answers for elders radio on this very special Thanksgiving program and we have our wonderful Daphne Davis from pinnacles senior placements with us and Daphney, welcome back. I’m really excited to talk about gratitude this hour. It is the season for sure, and I’m it is some real practical ways to be able to show gratitude. I know some of our listeners may have caregivers that are coming into their homes to help them, or maybe you live in a community of care and you have caregivers that are helping you with, you know, your daily activities of life. Maybe it’s a loved one that comes and done a son and daughter, neew and you know some of you’ve known for a long time. How can we show those people are gratitude, you know, because the caregivers that are in our world, the caregivers that are in our life personally or that are supporting a loved one of yours, are, as you know, I’m singing to the choir, are invaluable there’s, I mean they’re there is and there they are called to give of themselves all the time. And so now, maybe, and certainly not just in November and Thanksgiving time, but maybe throughout the whole year, consciously think about once a month to to be able to do something nice for those caregivers that are in your life. And that could be something as simple as leaving a note, to leave and those you’re the daughter, the son that you know doesn’t come into the home all the time and you’re seeing, you know, mom once a week or once every two weeks or something, but just to leave an envelope with the note and put their name on it and put it. Why do the charting, you know, as we leave notes for you, put it in there and them. It doesn’t have have anything that except for your words of gratitude as simple. So right, thank you. And I know for me that would just go miles and remember these people are selfless people who give of themselves all the time. I mean they do nice. That would be wonderful simple and that about all the extra ways. Right now they are challenged because they’re having to come up with new ways of doing things every day and off the times when I think about those caregivers, let’s just say, if there is some sort of a skilled care community, such as maybe a memory care or something like that. They’re dealing with seniors who have Alzheimer’s or dementia or, you know, mobility issues, extra situations, you know, even too much of somebody needs a new pair, you know, pair of pants or clothes or anything like that. They’re having to figure it out and network with your family and in a very unique way, and certainly I know many of them are putting their own life, you know, on hold, not going to hair salon’s, not going anywhere where. A lot of us other people have actually done that because they want to make sure that they are so careful about, you know, that they’re taking care of their there, you know, the people that they’re dealing with every day, and with that I’m very, very honorable and certainly something to be acknowledging them for for sure. I like over some other ideas that you could I mean just and I hope I’m going to spur some ideas for you are listeners. That’s a great one, but maybe it’s something of sending flowers delivered to someone’s home, you know, just some special something unique. I mean sometimes we can. There’s there’s gift basket companies out there that can put together a gift basket, a SPA basket, of chocolate basket, you know, tea and cookie basket, things that are just out of the blue and we’re I know for me I’m trying to be so practical all the time right now. A little from ality might be just what some people need and the certain way to saying thank you. Or, you know, right now we can’t go out to dinner all the time, but maybe you can give a gift certificate to having a dinner delivered, you know, or giving me a gift certificate. Or maybe it’s somebody that has been carrying. You know something in your family that they’re the primary carry they’re the ones who give the professional caregiver respect. They do it on the weekends. Maybe another sibling says, Hey, I got this weekend, I can’t out time, my kids are taken care of. You and your husband stay home do something that you want to do. It’s my turn. I love that would be and you know that, to my ears. Yes, and here’s the other thing. We have some wonderful local wineries here and I know most of the wineries are putting together a little you know, send a bottle of wine and a little get a gift pack of some sort. What a great way. They will do the shipping, they will send it out. All you have to do is order it, and that’s another way of the something that you may not buy for yourself. You may not go wine tasting or you may not do something like that, but you could also do things. I have a friend that said, you know, stay and I want to spend some time with you. But you know, I know that you and I both love to travel and we’re not doing that. But you know, did you know that there’s some virtual travel tours that we could do together? And I’m going like would that be fun or what? To go visit Scotland or Egypt and and do this all virtually enshare these experiences together. I think that’s powerful and it’s something that you could engage with a family caregiver that maybe dying for some adult conversation or you know, you know opportunities and certainly you know this is where it’s time where we can start to get creative and, you know, spend the time together to learn or to grow or to you know, build a stronger foundation within our own relationships. Yeah, that’s exactly right. The caregivers that are in our lives are so instrumental, you know, things to recognize with the promptness, always being on their shift, always being there with a smile. I mean these are things that we can be grateful for that during the time of gratitude and focusing on that. Maybe recognizing that in someone else and saying it out loud might spur, you know, smile number twenty two, nay, instead of we feel yeah, stiles the day. Yes, or maybe it will stir in us the focus of being able to say, you know what, I’m going to make sure that I’m smiling with my eyes. My my mouth has covered up with my mask, but I’m going to really learn how to twinkle with my eyes. or or maybe it has say out loud. Hi, you know, hello, good to see you. Yes, you know. Yes, we say things but we don’t say them. So it’s it’s all about intentionality right now, of really thinking in terms of gratitude so that we can get a cup of life full, so that we can get our thoughts off of the things that we are thinking. We don’t have but to recognize what we do have. It’s going all right life that we still live, even amongst covid even amongst having separation. They’re like, and you are that they have a full I was going to say you’re such a powerful resource for our families, because right now families are frustrated there, you know, they’re fearful there, you know they don’t know what lies around the next corner. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world. And yet you know, the health progression of a senior continues, what, no matter what’s going on in the world. So you know, as the condition expands or, you know, or evolves of a loved one, certainly families are having dialog but they don’t even know where to start, and I know for you we are. So I’m going to first say I’m so grateful to have you on our team, on our expert team, because you are certainly somebody that I send to all the time, spend our people do all the time, because you’ve been so amazing and I know that you’ve just helped a family and spoken not too long ago. So yeah, you do reach throughout the state of Washington. I do, and you know it’s every story is unique and it’s my pleasure to be able to help people. The greatest gifts that I get is when people say, Oh my goodness, I think things are going to be okay, because they always will. I help people that are in a hard situation. Many times, or situation right it’s it’s said people don’t know which way to turn, they don’t know who to trust, and so I am honored to be able to help people. But I have to say, I bet I’m bald to say a hundred percent of the time throughout the years of doing this job, people have a solution, they get a solution, they have a way to feeling like life is going to continue. And so that you know, I really for all of our listeners. If it’s not for you, if you think of someone else that is in the situation that that just needs help or or they appeared not need help, let’s let’s talk about this. You know that the family that just seems to have it all together. O, I’m not going to tell them. You know, sue, sue and John know exactly how to help their mom and dad. Well, one might not know exactly how to help their mom and DADS exactly. It’s a new kid it’s a new territory. They just, you know, on top of everything, organize, you know, no hiccups in their life in quote something right. But this is a new area. When people are embark on finding care and housing for their parents, they’ve never done it before most often, or they hear story someone else, or they go to the Internet and they say, you know, I’m going to I’m going to click on this. They say, I can get some names of communities, but maybe they haven’t been introduced to exactly the right form of care and housing. And that’s where pens right could really help people. Write. Just about anybody can do their own research. But is it going to be the right piece so that mom or dad doesn’t have to move multiple times? Is it going to pay attention to the things that are highest value to your loved one or highest value to your family? It’s a proposition to be making these kinds of decisions or to be able to talk to mom and dad with the El print in the room. The subject we don’t talk about. That’s all, and I play lot right. I was going to say that’s where you are really so important to families, because there’s that dynamic in a family that will never change, even though we think it’s like I hear you know things are going to change, or think I have to go in and interceed with my parents, and it’s like, you know, that dynamic, the is sacred and you need to let the people that know what they’re doing, like you, do your job and home to make those changes easier. So definitely let’s talk a little bit about changes and how we’re having, you know, doing things different in the next segment. In the meantime, how do we reach to eight hundred and fifty five, seven hundred and thirty four, one thousand five hundred? Is My phone number again, that’s eight hundred and fifty five, seven, three four one thousand five hundred, and my website is that Pinnacle Senior Placementscom. We will be right back and we’re going to talk more about how we’re being full of gratitude on the next segment. The preceding podcast was provided by pinnacles senior placements LLC and answers for elders radio. To contact pinnacles senior placements, go to Pinnacle Senior Placementscom.


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Originally published November 29, 2020

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