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Binghamton, NY

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SUNY Broome Community College
907 Upper Front St
Binghamton, NY 13905
Additional information about senior education here.
Type: 2-year or Community College
Adult male working on a computerThere are many reasons adult learners choose to enter or reenter college! Whether you are looking to retool and gain a competitive edge for employment, take courses for personal enrichment or simply finish or even start the degree you have always wanted, SUNY Broome has options for you! We offer long and short term degree programs, non-credit courses for personal enrichment, and flexible class schedules. Daytime, evening, weekend and online courses are all available at SUNY Broome. SUNY Broome has several departments on campus that will help support you in choosing the right path to successfully meet your goals.

Degrees or Certificates
Would you like to earn a degree or certificate to advance your career or expand your horizons?

Would you like to complete a degree that you may have started years ago? You may be surprised to learn that credits earned in the past may still be eligible to be transferred to help you earn a degree today.

SUNY Broome Community College has both short-term and long-term degrees and certificates for you! To begin the process, just apply!

Need to know what career might be right for you? You can enter some activities, and get suggestions of occupations to explore through the out New York State Department of Labor's JobZone website. Visit: and create a log in. We can help you map the program of study at Broome to align with that career choice.

Credit Courses
Even if you you do not plan to earn a degree at this time, taking a credit course is a great way to explore new fields, discover your passion, or ease into returning to college. SUNY Broome offers a wide variety of credit courses across the curriculum. Most courses are open to any student who meets that course prerequisites. Course prerequisites are listed in the course description, and typically require that a student has successfully completed one or more specific preparatory courses.

Students who have not been accepted into a degree program are considered "non-matriculated". Even if you are taking only a few classes at a time, you may wish to explore the benefits of matriculation. Matriculation is required for eligibility for many forms of financial aid and is required for graduation. Matriculated students are assigned an advisor to help them plan their studies.

On the SUNY Broome Community College website, the Take a Class page includes links to:

Search Available Courses
Register for Classes
Course Descriptions
Learning Online
Senior Audits: Any citizen of New York State who is 60 years of age or more may "audit" credit courses at Broome Community College without charge, as long as there is space available. In this context, the word "audit" means these students take the course by attending classes and being exposed to all the work given in class and assigned in the text. They do not have to do the homework or take the examinations, however, and they receive no letter grade or college credit. For information about Senior Audits, please contact the Registrar.

Non-Credit Courses
Meet new people who share your interests, learn a new hobby, hone your work skills, or have fun exploring something new! There is something for everyone to enjoy with non-credit classes through SUNY Broome Community College's Continuing Education Department.

Continuing Education has a long tradition of offering quality non-credit classes and business and industry training to the community. For 20 years, we have monitored the needs and interests of Broome County residents to provide the most up-to-date and innovative programming possible.

For more information, call 778-5012.

Completion Programs
Have you already completed college courses? Your degree could be closer than you think.

To learn more about completing your degree through the Business and Public Services Division please visit their completion programs page.

For more information about completing your degree though the Liberal Arts Division please visit download their information sheet on Individual Studies (pdf).

Next Step Bachelor's Degree!
Did you know opportunities exist right on the SUNY Broome campus for transfer to a four year institution? We have agreements with many colleges that allow for a seamless transition from a SUNY Broome associates degree to a Bachelor's degree. The Bachelor's Degree Partnership Program allows you to earn your Bachelor's degree by taking additional courses through SUNY Broome after completion of your associates degree and then finishing your Bachelor's degree requirements online through Excelsior College or SUNY Empire State College. Visit the Bachelor Partnerships website for more information or contact us at [email protected]
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