University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon

Bayamon, PR

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University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon
Road 174 #170 Minillas Industrial Park
Bayamon, PR 959

Type: 4-year College or University
The University of Puerto Rico in Bayamon, since 1971, participates in the centennial tradition of the University, which is the main engine of Puerto Rican society.

It consists of stimulating and supporting the personal and intellectual development of a student body competent in the sciences, the arts, technology, research and the generation of new knowledge; based all on ethics and social commitment.

We want to be the leading institution in our region and contribute to the sustainable development of the country. We aspire to educate through the interaction and integration of scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge, to informed citizens, responsible, critical and committed to collaborate with the common welfare.

According to the mission and vision, the institutional educational goals related to the aspects of learning that students must achieve are the following:

• Promote the development of effective thinking including, especially, reflection, identification, characterization, problem solving and decision making.

• Provide the manifestation of creativity in various aspects of learning.

• Promote the development of solidarity with the values ??of democracy.

• Provide the integration of knowledge through research.

• Promote the appreciation and integration of the ethical and aesthetic dimension.

• Provide the development of the ability to adapt to changes and accept them as new challenges.

• Ensure the development of a scientific culture that allows them to apply scientific thinking, make judgments and make responsible decisions related to health, use and conservation of their natural environment.

• Ensure the development of varied knowledge that allows them to understand their culture and the interrelation between their own cultural environment and that of other civilizations of the world.

• Ensure the development and application of technological knowledge.

• Ensure the development of identification skills, management and effective use of information (literary information).

• Ensure the development of effective communication skills.

• Ensure the development of basic mathematical operational skills.

• Promote the development of self-taught citizens.
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