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Seniors in Transition with Team Zugel Real Estate

Jaden and Valicia Zugel from Team Zugel Real Estate talk about seniors in transition.

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This is a special presentation of answers for elders with team Zoogal well, happy Saturday everyone. We are here with Jaden and the LASHA’s Zoogo from team Zoogle real estate. I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome. Thank you, I see you. I thank for having you. Know You, guys. It’s such a real estate is such a big part of seniors in transition and I know with the Seattle real estate market. Tell us what’s going on here in the greater puget sound well, right now the market is really good if you’re selling your home. It’s a little bit harder if you’re trying to go out and buy one. Inventory is extremely low. So right now, if you’re thinking about selling your home, this is the time to do it. Wow. So when you say in inventory is really low, what does that mean? That means that there aren’t a lot of people selling their home right now and when that happens there’s more buyers and there are sellers, which drives up the cost of buying a home. Wow. And so are you seeing that right now in your work, where people are obviously getting over asking price? I’m assuming, yeah, you are seeing multiple offers. I’ve we’ve run into multiple offers with over a hundred thousand and on asking price. That’s amazing. Yeah, and so as far as financing, how does that work? Does a house obviously have to praise for certain value? Yeah, so, you know, when you do hire someone to represent you when you’re selling your home, you have to think about someone that has the background to review multiple offers. You know what type of financing they’re coming in with, if it’s Fah, if it’s Va, if it’s conventional or cash deal. Obviously is nice, but being able to review, you know, five separate offers and knowing which one to actually go with that’s going to close and get you the most money at the end. Wow. So I know that. Typically, you know, we’ve heard there’s there was some articles that went out not too long ago saying may is the best month to sell house. But obviously that’s not really the case right now. Then, yes, to typically, normally it is may, you know, coming in the spring, between May and May, first in the fifteen is is the best time to list your home. You’re going to get more for it during those those two weeks. But right now, anytime. Yeah, just get it on the market. You’re going to do quite well. Wow. And so families obviously are in transition and I know, Alicia, you’ve been involved in with your own family and kind of moving your grandparents and you know, and different things like that in your family. What you know? What words of advice do you have for us? So it’s really good to just get the family on board. And I know with my family, when my grandfather passed away, it was decided between my dad and his siblings that she would move with to their place. So they put up a little house on their property so she could live independently but also very close to my to my parents, and he had his siblings coming by. And as a year’s progressed and her health declined, you know, she needed more help. So right we and and then Jaden and I live down the road, so after I’d pick up the kids from school, we’d stop in and check on her and right make sure that she was doing good and had company and and yeah, it was a good community, a lot of family all right around. You know, it’s really a time when we talk about getting the family on board. Yeah, that’s in many cases with fan you know, with with situations, that’s the biggest hurdle to getting a home on the market is trying to find that middle ground where it’s time to take those action steps. And obviously, you know the consideration for families as how do you live as long as you can on the greatest quality of life, and that really has to do with how much money you can get. Sometimes your home is your great to staffs it. And so what kind of advice overall and real estate, what would you recommend somebody do if they were going to put their house on the market right now, Jaden? What would what should they do to their house? You know, my my best advice would be to not drop a ton of money into it. Actually, you know, you’re probably not going to get that money back your house right now if you were to clean it up, do some of the things that you know you probably been thinking about over time that needed to be done, repairs, repairs like make sure that the roofs good, stuff like that. Potential buyers look at those things. They obviously do look at bedrooms or kitchens and bathrooms are really big. So if you can, you know, lighten them up right, in them up, that’s a really good idea. But you know, drop in twenty, thirty thoo dollars into it isn’t probably necessary with the market as it is right now. So we’re talking right now to Jaden and Alicia’s zoo. Go from team Zoogo real estate and just give me an example of let’s just say somebody’s lived in their home for like fifty years and haven’t done much. What is the first things you look for when you walk into a house? Yeah, to sell. Yeah, so when you first going in, I mean if we’re talking about the actual structure of the home, you know, well, I’ll go look at the kitchen most likely is probably the first thing. The Living Room, you know what type of carpets there are, and those are actually pretty inexpensive things that you can do, like switching out the carpet paint, you know, new fixture, stuff like that. So you would recommend doing those kind of yeah, those, yeah, that’s that’s on the the low range. You know, I’m not talking about taking sledgehammers, breaking walls down and, you know, building huge kitchen with the with an island and all that stuff. That could be done by the next owner of the home who wants to live there for some time. That’s a good investment to do that right. Right and then when you’re looking at you know, you said kitchens and bathrooms. Obviously looking to sell a house, in many cases the bathroom has been modified for your senior parrot. If you’re moving them out, obviously you want to make that more neutralized, I’m assuming, because that correct. Yeah, there are. So you’re talking about when they move out. Yeah, like a trap bars? Do we, yeah, leave the grab bars in? Would you take them out? What would you do? You know, there’s actually a lot of good stuff on the market right now to neutralize that stuff so it doesn’t look like so much like a hospital. So there are ways of actually keeping that stuff with making it look, you know, like it all blends in and it looks good. So it would have to determine the situation. What I’d see when I got there. HMM. And so as far as getting the family on board, I think there’s emotional impact with families. Can you explain a little bit about like what families deal with in this transition? Yeah, of course. So it is really hard. I mean you have families that have lived in a home for, you know, fifty sixty, you know, could be longer, and grew up they grew up in the house and now. So they they fly home. Yeah, home is O it’s almost like a part of the family, you know, it’s like sibling or something. So it is hard to let go of those things. I mean, I grew up in my house my whole life, never moved and my parents are still in that home actually today, and I think about them selling it and it’s like I don’t want him to do and you know, I don’t live there anymore, but I don’t want to see it go to some other family. So it is really tough, right and that is one thing that you have to talk to the whole family, get everyone on board and bring them together. But usually it’s for, you know, the greater good, sure to help out their family and their their mother or their father both. Yeah, I I have talked to families and about this kind of scenario and I have learned, you know, so often that we have so many things attached to things or memories or way things used to be, and I think it’s really important to do some things that help the family. I know that it I strongly recommend when you’re ready to sell the house, is write a letter to the new owner to make sure that that that the new owners understand, you know, really the kind of memories that were there. Yeah, it is nice and and they do appreciate it. Like both ways. To when a buyer’s coming in, sometimes I recommend writing a letter to the seller, you know, that the after you because most times when you’re putting in an offer on a house, you’ve walked through it and you’ve already kind of gotten attached to it, and just letting them know that you look forward to, you know, raising your family and having your own personality into the home. It’s nice going both ways. It’s so funny they say that. You know, I have a dog, obviously, and one of my facebook groups I have a golden doodle and they were talking about the fact that they bought a house and they got the house due to the letter that they said they had a golden doodle and that that was the you know, that was supliver that they pulled to make sure that they, you know, that they sold it. Yeah, it’s interesting. You never know in a competitive market like this, you know, sometimes it takes something simple like that to win the win the bid, you know, to yea that offer to go through. It’s a very personal decision on both sides. So timeframe. Obviously now’s the time. How if somebody made a decision today, how long really practically, would it take to get a house on the market? Like a month what you know? Well, that really does determine on the situation of the home, in the condition of the home, to be honest with you. But if we’re going to go just on an average home, which just the you know, some minor things here and there that need to be fixed, I would probably give about two weeks to a month, you know, to get that house ready, get the yard looking as Nice as you possibly can, make sure that there’s no chip and paint and, you know, be able to fix that. You know, those things go a long way. And I also think, Alicia, you probably agree with this getting all the family members involved to take ownership of doing something. If they’re available, then they feel like they’re part of the process, wouldn’t you agree? Absolutely, it’s they can come in and help go through belongings and share memories at the same time as they’re packing things away, deciding who’s going to take what or where it’s if it’s going to go with mom and dad. Yeah, it’s definitely a good idea. It sure and and distributing, you know, precious belongings of who gets what. Yeah, a lot of that stuff probably should be set down well in advance with you know, you’ve seen your parents, and so that you label things and advance than that makes it awfully easy. Oh yeah, I know my mom has already talked about putting a sticker on the bottom of something that we want or what your sister is going to want. Yeah, they notice like as you’re having dinner over your parents house. Okay, and that thing for some years now. You know, it’s it’s so cool because that’s exactly what my mom did, is she gave me her China and crystal and she did so actually before, you know, she died, and so she got to see me enjoy it at the end of her life, which is really great and is really nice. So, Jaden Alicia, how do we reach you? You can reach us at team Zoogol Oncom. That’s team Zu Gelcom, or you can call us at four to five two hundred and ninety nine, five two one six, or you can always findest it answers for elders to well, we’re excited to have you as part of our provider base and thank you so much again, as we have you at the top of the hour for our living solutions options. Thank you very much for being here. Okay. Thank you, Stan. This has been a special presentation of answers for elders with team zoogle. For more information for team Zoogle go to team Zoogle Real estatecom. That’s team Zee Ugel Real estatecom


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Originally published April 07, 2018

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