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Special Memorial Site for Seahawks 12s

In the state of Washington, Seattle Seahawks fans are important. Many people get cremated in Seahawks jerseys or they have Seahawks ball caps, or their memorial service was all about photos with the Seahawks. Evergreen Washelli is in the design stages now to create a special memorial at Abbey View just for the fan base known as the “12s,” with a garden in the shape of a football field,  a patio area and a cremation area, and areas just for memorials. Dan White at Evergreen Washelli welcomes any feedback our listeners would be able to provide.

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The following podcast is a special presentation of answers for elders featuring evergreen was shelley. And Welcome back to answers for elders everyone. I am here with the ever wonderful Dan White from evergreen wash. Elli and Dan, you and I have kind of a little special project we’re working on that I’m excited to talk to you about, and that is a very special memorial that evergreenwash shelley is working together for the twelves. Share with us a little bit about what we’re up to. Okay, well, Susanne. As you know, evergreenwash shelley has been around since one thousand eighteen eighty five. We’ve always been very active in the communities. You have one nineteen twenty seven we actually started the veteran cemetery, which is extremely old. We have our wash shelley columbarium where we house about thirtyzero cremated remains and we started that. That was back in nineteen twenty one. So we have an awful lot of history and the the Seahawks, the fans for the Seahawks, are important to us. So we’re kind of trying to get some feedback. You know, and I bet you’re in to get this project going. It’s like I can only imagine how many times people in their services have been huge twelves and there’s been a representation of their fandom. Has Is that correct? And yes, we have had an awful lot of people that actually, when it comes to cremation, they’re actually cremated in seahawks jerseys because they’re twelve fans. And Wow, either that or their baseball caps that have the seahawks on it. So yes, we have done quite a few for for special people that are super fans and everything around their memorial service was all about photos and things with with the seahawks. You know, it’s so interesting because we’ve just lost a very special seahawk player in Cortes Kennedy, and I know that Big Walt Seventy one, Walter Jones is, was on the NFL network yesterday, as a matter of fact, and he was sharing a little bit about, you know, what this heritage or what this team means to the community and what you know to be a part of that. And and you know, I am so excited about this program because I happen to remember sitting at our very first game back when we know played in the kingdom forty two years ago. I’m dating myself now. That’s okay, but I was there with my dad and my dad was a huge fan and I learned so much about, you know, competition and and about legacy and about, you know, accomplishing goals and all of those things that you know tied over. And football is kind of a center point for so many families and you know, whether it’s the holiday gatherings, it brings generations together and, most importantly, it seems to me like with families it’s like for generations. You know, if you’re a Seahawk Fan, you pass that down to your kids and so on and so on and so on. So we’re excited about this little joint project that evergreenwash shelley is working on with us and with the help of Anna mckennis with the mighty alliance to bring a very special place for the twelve S. so, Dan, tell us a little bit about what you’re working on. Well, it would be in the shape of a football field to start with. I love that we have ample acreage to be able to do that at our Abbey view location. So this would be out at Abbey view and that’s the newer location of Evergreen Wash El. Correct, it was a established back in one thousand nine hundred and fifty three, so it’s also been around for some time right. But we have additional acqureage that’s undeveloped. So this would be a special area specifically designed for for the twelve, for the fans of the seahawks. So we would be looking at that. We would also be looking at setting up a patio area and a cremation area, whereas so those that were choosing cremation, we’d have several options that they could do. Even have areas to just memorialize even if you weren’t actually buried there or player. So my father died in two thousand and two but I could do a square for him with his name on it. was that correct corress cool. Those are the kinds of things that we’re looking to be able to do. We’re just in the design stages right now. So we’re really looking for feedback. So we would absolutely welcome any feedback that our listeners would be able to provide us, so if they think it’s a good idea or not, or even offer suggestions, right, and so looking at just for feedback. I think one of the things that is really important is the fact that you’re really open to what this looks like, you know, ultimately, by what the fans are designating, if they’re saying, you know, I want you know you’re seeing a trend in a certain way. This is really an exciting time everyone, because it is giving us the ability now to really create our own resting place for those of us that are twelves correct and that want to live, breathe and die by being at twelve. And you know is hard as that is. It’s like, I know how important this is. In meeting with Mike Flood at the Seattle Seahawks, you know that I have done several times and you know we’ve talked about that. How many times the seahawks go to places where people are passing away because it’s so important to them and just really the legacy and the community outreach that this team represented. I think it’s a really appropriate to have that kind of, you know, place for us to reflect and what we’ve, you know, all stood for in our lives and the legacies that we’ve done and had. So what are the kind of things? I guess, what kind of feedback are you looking for? Like you, I know you have kind of the acreage plotted out, you know, but what, what kind of feedback specifically would you be well, I think it’s important to understand if we have enough people that would be interested in being there, and that’s probably the number one question that we’re looking so it’s not a financial commitment at this point. It’s just about financials. That’s correct. There is no financial commitment, but if this is something that in in deciding your final wishes and where would be, whether it’s in a cemetery or to be able to also be noted that you were a twelve right be with other twelves and support of the Seahawks, then that’s really what we’re looking for right, because it is a large undertaking for us to do. I can only for Wald for building the structures, for developing the land that we’re looking at for the size. So that is a that’s a big commitment on our partner. So we just don’t want it to sit there and go unused. Right right. You know, it’s interesting. I just reminds me when you’re talking about that, I remember someone that was actually buried with the twelve flag over them and the casket. So when you’re talking about this all of a sudden as there’s a memory, there’s that I have. Yeah, so in as far as as looking at it, this would be something that just, you know, is a general interest of you know. What would that look like to you if you were going to be in a place? And one of the things that I am interested in seeing is that we can do some sort of a timeline of, you know, when the team started and a timeline that could be continued throughout, you know, throughout the decades after we’re gone. We got correct, because we know the seahawks are going to live on and we know that that’s this team will evolve even after, you know, Pete Carroll and after Russell Wilson and all the people that we have today. It will continue to evolve and to see to look back when we want our first super bowl and what that looked like. You know, that would be really an amazing thing, I think, to be able to go and just reflect on the history that we live through, that our generations that grew up and I know you know that the legacy that the that the our seniors today started in this community. I don’t think that the fandom would be as big today if it weren’t for the people that started correct. Yeah, I would agree. That’s a great idea. Is Ann so, as far as ways that we’re looking to get feedback, probably one of the easiest ways would be to go to our facebook page, okay, and when you do that you can search for abby view memorial park and it’s a bb e why, correct, ABB why Memorial Park, and that is our official facebook page there at happy view, and to simply drop us a comment on there, because we do read through the post and such and we’ll do what we can to get to you the podcast of this interview so that we can post it one social media and we would love to have the twelves go out and share it with their friends see what they think. Just sit back and think of what kind of a resting place would that look like for them. You know, do they want to statue? Do they want at wall? Do they want to you know, what does you know? And of course we want to fly the twelve flag. That correct, exactly, and I yes, I seem to remember with the rendering that you have of that. I’m now are you willing to put that rendering up on facebook, perhaps? Yeah, yeah, we could do and do that we could do something like that where people could actually go look to see idea, get an idea of what is in the works, but that you guys have a voice. So, Mr Dan White from Evergreen Wash Elly, I’m how do we reach you and what’s the best way to get in contact with you with their ideas other than facebook? On facebook. Then the other way would be through my email, which is d white. That’s W Hie at wash shelley and that’s Wa sh e llcom. Or you can simply call us at Abbey View Memorial Park and that’s five four hundred and eighty three zero five, five five, and then we’ll get you information or get your email address and and get you out some information, and that’s look for your feedback. That’s absolutely so. Just in our closing moments, how did how do you think the seahawks are going to do this year? I think they’re going to take it all. I think we’re going all the way to super bowl. It’s pretty exciting and what’s how it is, isn’t it? We’ve got a great team. We do yes, we do well. I’m very excited to have an opportunity to work with you and again, fans, I encourage you to reach out with your ideas. What would that look like for you to have your final resting place be amongst the twelve? We look forward to your feedback. Thank you so much, Dan, for being with us today. Thanks, Yous Anne. As always a pleasure, this has been a special presentation of answers for elders, featuring evergreen. Was Shelley for more information about evergreen? Was Shelley. Their website is was Shelleycom? That’s Wa Shallcom


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Originally published October 28, 2017

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