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Medicare Moments Podcast

Over 700,000 Boomers Receive Medicare Penalties That Last a Lifetime!

There are thousands of Medicare beneficiaries who are receiving Medicare Part B or D penalties, costing on average $5,000 because they did not enroll at the proper time.

Are In-Office Injections Covered By Medicare?

To determine whether Medicare covers something, the key question you must always ask is, “is it medically necessary?”

medical injection

The MOON and Medicare Inpatient

A hospital stay doesn’t always mean you’re inpatient. Nor does this mean you qualify for Medicare Part A skilled nursing facility care.

Medicare Part D: Why This Might Be the MOST Important!

The cornerstone of Medicare planning is discussing Part D. It is imperative to search for what is the most cost-effective Part D plan that covers all your prescriptions.

thinking woman wearing pink

Everything You Need to Know About Medicare Guaranteed Issue Rights

Medicare Supplement plans do not have annual enrollment periods – so when you apply is important. If you’re leaving employer benefits, you may qualify under Guaranteed Issue Rights to apply for a Medicare Supplement without underwriting. Here’s what you need to know!

medication in a shopping cart next to cash on a table

Is Medicare Annual Enrollment for ME?

Medicare expert, Toni King explains why the Annual Enrollment Period might be time for you to do absolutely NOTHING.

55+ man shrugging in front of a plain blue background

Medicare’s 2023 Annual Enrollment Period Runs Through December 7, 2022 – Here’s Everything You Can Do RIGHT NOW!

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period began October 15 and goes until December 7! Medicare expert, Toni King explains everything you need to know during this time.

December 7

Medicare Supplement Premiums are Out of Control! When Can You Change Plans?

On this episode of Medicare Moments with Toni King, Toni discusses Medicare Supplement premiums and what to do if yours gets too costly.

heartbeat and a dollar symbol

2023 Medicare Deductibles & Premiums Released Early

Guess what? The 2023 Medicare premiums were released early! Here’s everything you need to know before Annual Enrollment!

2023 Medicare Deductibles & Premiums

Can Enrolling in COBRA Cause a Medicare Penalty?

Can enrolling in COBRA cause a Medicare Penalty? Maybe! On this episode of Medicare Moments with Toni King, Toni talks COBRA, Special Enrollment Periods, and penalties.


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