Senior Resources » Tamilee Webb of “Buns Of Steel” Shares How She Broke Barriers for Women in Fitness & Became a Household Name

Tamilee Webb of “Buns Of Steel” Shares How She Broke Barriers for Women in Fitness & Became a Household Name

This week we have a special treat as we get to share our first interview featuring pioneering fitness expert Tamilee Webb of the popular “Buns Of Steel” exercise series! In addition to her extensive video series which rose to popularity in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, Tamilee is also an author and has achieved many accolades in the fitness industry as described in her bio:


“Tamilee has been the recipient of numerous other awards for outstanding achievement in the field of personal fitness, including Best Exercise Video and Best Training Organization 1987, conferred by IDEA, has been honored by California State University, Chico, Outstanding Alumni of 1990 and 1996. Inducted in the FITNESS HALL OF FAME in 2008.  Tamilee shares this honor with fellow fitness celebrities as Kathy Smith, Gilad Janklowicz, Jack Lalanne, and Jane Fonda to name a few.

Tamilee has been a co-host on the Health Network Channel’s aerobic fitness shows now known as Discoveries “Fit TV”. The network services more than 50 million households, and its audience continues to multiply. She has also hosted ESPN’s Fitness Pro Series and consulted on Fox Sports Fitness show ‘Body Squad’.”


We are big fans of Tamilee and her journey to help spread the importance of physical activity, health and wellness has inspired our journey as well.

In addition to this podcast, please be sure to visit her website and her “Webb Workouts” website where she offers workouts on demand, nutrition bonuses, community access, and access to LIVE workouts!

Tamilee Webb

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). How Tamilee was first inspired in fitness in the beginning and how she got started in the fitness industry in general.

2). How she was able to become a trusted name and expert in fitness through her work at the “The Golden Door Resort” in CA , her many cruise ships tours as an instructor and training a fast growing instructor clientele internationally.


3). Her story on how she was asked to be the official trainer/course creator for the “Buns Of Steel” video series that rose to popularity making her a household name in the fitness industry.

4). Some of her thoughts on the technology of the fitness industry today and how it has changed from the VHS, DVD distribution channels of the past to the internet.

5). Her thoughts on her own journey which she continues through her current projects and businesses and her appreciation when meeting people who say that she has been an inspiration to them.

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Originally published April 04, 2023

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