Senior Resources » Top 5 “Secrets” to Losing Weight and Keeping it Off for Seniors & Retirees

Top 5 “Secrets” to Losing Weight and Keeping it Off for Seniors & Retirees


Maintaining a healthy weight for your body and installing habits that help keep it that way can be done with consistent planning and effort by anyone at any age. This episode is called 5 “secrets” to losing weight but as you will see there are no real secrets to keeping a healthy weight as it really comes down to a few fundamental ideas that we want to share with you in today’s episode.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we believe there are no real “secrets” to losing weight and why we feel strongly about breaking down the myth that you need to know the right weight loss “secrets” to be successful.


2). Meredith’s view on what healthy weight loss is and why it’s important to determine what’s best for you and not base healthy weight on what other’s do or look like.

3). How food portion size plays a big role in weight loss and why it can get easily overlooked when implementing a proper weight loss plan.

4). Why setting a realistic weight loss goal is important.

5). The correlation between stress and weight gain and why it’s important to manage stress levels as much as possible to avoid derailment.


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Originally published April 11, 2023

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