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Advocate Anecdotes

80-Year-Old Falls While Tending to Her Spring Garden – What Now?

Lucy has begun walking with a cane. But, that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her garden. That is, until one day she falls with no one around to help.

woman holding a cane outside

“They’re fine”

How two little words turned into a lifetime of regret for one daughter.

lonely woman with coffee

Mama Blue

Answers for Elders’ Suzanne Newman remembers Mama Blue, Seattle Seahawks superfan, who passed away Saturday, March 4, 2023.

Mama Blue

My Dad Was a Workaholic, but He Showed Up for Me

I was born in 1956. A time when women stayed home. My dad was the classic example of a successful entrepreneur who wasn’t around much.

vintage husband and wife cartoon

When Doves Fly: How one dove changed our lives after my father’s death

For Jadia Ward, life began anew with a dove’s visit. Here’s how she found a new purpose after her father passed through this life’s door.

The Monte Cristo Sandwich

Do you know what the number one question families have in mind when they meet with a professional caregiver? It’s “can I trust you to take care and honor my loved one?”

monte cristo sandwich on table

Look for the Diamonds

The hardest days often led to the best moments, and I realized more and more that every day of this journey was a gift.

diamonds in coal

Abby Waited

It was NOT the right time for Penney and her husband to adopt a pet. But, when Abby chose them, they learned the real magic some animals just naturally have.

abby and mom

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