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Living to 100 Episode

Hearing Loss and The Latest in Hearing Aids

In this Living to 100 Club podcast, we explore the latest technology in hearing aids, the risks of not addressing hearing loss, and the options that are available to those looking to improve their hearing. This includes over-the-counter aids now available.

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Why Current Housing is Not Conducive to Longevity (or, Aging in Place)

What are the financial, personal, and logistical arguments for aging in place?

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Environments that Foster Wellness

What can be done to our homes that allow us to age in place and at the same time stay connected with our community?

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Career and Post-Career Satisfaction with Anthony Kuo

What is satisfaction, really? And how do we find that place that captures our true style, interest, and meets our needs? This is a thought-provoking conversation that will be of interest to all listeners.

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Peppermint: A New World for Successful Aging

The term “clubhouse” is chosen for its familiarity and connotation of a real-life gathering place. Think back to your childhood when you and your friends built a clubhouse in the backyard. It was a space where you connected, played, learned, and grew together.

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Building Blocks to Better Aging with Dr. Hugh Pates

This event is a Living to 100 Club conversation between two psychologists about aging well.

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Growing Young through Exercise with William Dooley

This Living to 100 Club podcast returns to the topic of exercise and physical activity, with our guest, Bill Dooley.

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Opening Your Own ALF with Carline Cadet Francois

On this Living to 100 Club podcast, our guest explains the process of starting a residential assisted living facility.

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Healing HealthCare Systems with Susan Mazer

Our conversation on this Living to 100 Club podcast explores the nuances of “making meaning” out of the experiences of older adults.

Universal Consciousness with Betty Kovacs

This podcast is an eye-opening, provocative conversation about universal consciousness.

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