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Motivation with Meredith


This motivation reminds us to keep thoughts of victory in our lives. While we don’t need to win all the time, believing in ourselves and making the effort is important!

Run Over

This motivation is a reminder to get going, pursue forward momentum, and do not get complacent…or you will get run over.

Larger or Smaller 

This motivation is about how we view ourselves and what we choose to work on each day.


This motivation is about remembering great things—and change—take time!

Life Well Used

This motivation is about living our lives in such a way that we can look back and be satisfied with what we did each day!

The Art of Change

This motivation is a reminder that we change each moment. Yes, the world constantly changes, but how we look at it will forever change and evolve…and that is a great thing!

Doing Nothing

This motivation is a reminder that even only doing “a little” adds up, especially if each of us just did “a little.”


This motivation is about knowing miracles happen out of our comfort zones. Remember to go out on a limb and feel safe there!


This motivation is about remembering that pressure can be a good thing, and we’re privileged to have people around to push us!

stressed home care


This motivation is the reminder that as much as we want things handed to us, it is in the hard work that we see the true value.

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