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Veterans-Themed Celebration at MorningStar

MorningStar Senior Living community in SilverLake near Everett, Washington is having a reopening special weekend that celebrates veterans. Elena Cuevas, Regional VP of Sales, returns to introduce the program with Suzanne. 


July 7-9, from 1-4, they’re introducing renovations while appreciating veterans. Their bistro will be themed for West Point, the activity room will be the Colorado Air Force station with some giveaways and collateral, model apartments themed for Hawaii, then downstairs to the theater room which is themed for California’s Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton with glitz and Hollywood glamour, then the last station in the patio area is themed for Naval Station Everett with BBQ and Northeastern delicacies. 

Learn more about MorningStar Senior Living at SilverLake at their website.

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Welcome to the answers for elders radio show. meet the trusted experts who will give you straight answers and I will help guide you on the path of later life care. Now here’s your host, founder, caregiver and CEO, Susanne Newman, and welcome everyone. We have a very special program whether you’re with your family, your friends or your senior loved ones or anyone else that is around you. One of the things, I think that’s really important to us and answers for elders is that we want to highlight those that are absolutely involved in our community and certainly saluting veterans. And one of the things that we got very in tune to this month or this for this program is the fact that one of our very special clients, which is morning star senior living, and those of you that are listening to our program and probably remember John Yeager talking about the vision and the foundation and everything like that with morning star. Well, their community up in Silver Lake, which is near Everett in the backyard of Boeing’s paint field, they are having a grand, brand new reopening Um that is actually has a a focus on salooning veterans, and so if you’re a veteran or you know of the veteran and they might be saith based and looking for a place to you know, maybe call, you know, your next home as you enter the your retirement years and you don’t want to have that overwhelming burden of your home, uh, you know, on all the maintenance and repairs. Um. We’re so excited to help promote this special event and with us today is our vice president of the West Coast Northwest region of Morning Star senior living, Elena Quavis. And Elena, I’m so glad to have you back. Thanks, Suzanne. I’m so glad to be back and I’m excited to introduce a really great program that we have partnered with the morning star that will benefit a lot of our veterans and veterans south well. We’re excited too because, obviously, Elena, Um, I’ve been to your community so many times. Um, I lived in practically the backyard and I remember it when it was used to be called, for those of you that are in the area, used to be called Garden Court, and it was a beautiful community then. But you guys have, I’m really gone through a lot of changes and upgrades and we’re gonna talk about a little bit about this, but first of all let’s talk about you know, generally, Elena, I want to talk about, you know, basically the community Um that is silver you know Silver Lake and how Um, your community basically has kind of been a bedrock of you know, south, has it not? Oh, absolutely, I think. As you mentioned before, you know, our community was better known for the original name Garden Court, and when we west Gordon Court, uh, you know, the original owner Um was well known for throwing parties and events on site. So when we took over, Morning Star took over that particular property, we did change the name to morning star Um. We are a faith based company and we we wanted to be known as the morning start shining a new light into senior living Um, so we just changed the name Um. As a result. That being said, the life that was part of Gardens Court, Um, the event Um, has stayed intact. Our residents are staff, Um. We still have the longevity of a lot of our line staff, which is amazing. Um. You know, the garden in in our patio has um continued to flour strong and and and as we’ve continued to grow our community, Um with our residents and staff members. So, Um, I wanted it to preface that while we we changed the name from Gardenport to Morning Star, we are definitely casting a New Light Um in the hearts of our residents and family members and staff as well. Um. So yes, we do have quite a few Um, exciting events happening at the community as we continue to move forward past, Um, the covid world that we’re in. Yes, and you guys have a special weekend. It’s kind of a grand reopening. Elena, tell me a little bit about that. Oh my God, I’m so excited to share that information. So, Um, it’s following the big July weekends. So starting July, uh seventh, from one to four, Friday, next weekend, next weekend, so starting this Friday, correct, exactly. Um, UH, so Friday. So Friday’s July, the seventh, eighth and ninth, from one to four. We are doing a huge celebration Um to introduce the big renovations that we’ve we’ve accomplished there at Silver Lake. Um, UM, morning side Silver Lake. Um. But the grand collaboration is going to be a fun event, Um, an appreciation for our veterans. Um, we are going to I kind of want to pictures it, if you will. When you first enter the community, the first stop or station one is in our Bistro. It’s gonna be a New York theme. Or you’re gonna be handed a senator cocktail drink the Manhattan, a New York what. It’s so cool. And then, because it’s The New York station, it is in honor of West Point Um. So West Point Um, honoring our our our veterans in West Point Um with a senator cocktail drink in Manhattan. You will then follow Um, go upstairs to our activity room, Um, where you’re gonna hit Colorado Air Force, in on our our our veterans, uh in the Air Force. Yep, so that’s gonna be our Colorado Air Force station. Um, you’re gonna be handed some great giveaways, beautiful tote bags, some pens, notepads and a few other what I cause shoshkys, but it’s gonna be a fun Um way to get some gifts. Um, in on our Colorado also where we’re stationed our corporate offices in Denver Colorado. So you’re gonna get all of our morning star collateral. Ben Third Station. Our third station is our model apartment. You’ll get to see the day in the life of what our residents get to experience, um in their apartment homes. Um, and you get a lay a chocolate covered macaroon because you’re gonna be in Hawaii in vel or station oser. Yeah, so it’s gonna be a lot of fun up in Hawaii looking at our model apartment. You’ll then go downstairs to our theater room, Um, and nothing would be more apropos than California Camp Pendleton. So it’s gonna BE FANCY POPCORN. Is gonna be all the GLITZ and Glamor of California, Hollywood baby. And then finally, our station five. Our last station is going to be in our patio area and of course there’s no better honor than Everett the navy. Um, we’re gonna have live music, huge barbecue, Um, featuring some of our northeastern delicacy. So you’re gonna have crack cake and some some other great great foods to to enjoy. Um and and again, live music. So we’re gonna have five great stations as you tour through our community. Um, we’re gonna have passports for you, so you’re gonna get stamped at you Tory each station. Um, at the end, YOU’RE gonna turn in your passport to be entered into another big raffle. Um. So Fun, fun time again in honor of our veterans, in in, in celebration of our renovations, Um and and and bringing something new again, casting a new light, warnings start, casting a new light into the hearts of our residents, family members and staff members, anyone who comes in contact with us. So we want to make a fun event, but it’s gonna be delightful. That’s why we wanted to make it three days to give people an opportunity to attend, whether abilable Friday, Saturday, um or our Thursday, that would be great. So it starts on Thursday, the seventh. That is correct. Okay, so tell me what time? One o’clock. So, Um, we are asking for rcps as well, UM, because we want to make sure we we do some some crowd control. Um. But so it’s it’s both. Are Interested, they can call to RCP at four two, five, four six, six, six, nine eight two. Um. And just to repeat that number, sigain, if you’re okay, it’s it’s the numbers. Four two, five, four six, six, six nine eight two. Yeah, think, yeah, we will make sure yes, I’m sorry about that. I’m trying to get everything in, but we will make sure that we um repeat that number to our s vp for the event throughout the program today because those of you, I know that there’s a lot of people that have this idea of what senior living is. And for those of you that follow our podcasts, Um, I was just in in morning start community. Um, I think it was last weekend or a week ago. It’s my world is spinning by so fast, UM, or two weeks ago, I guess it was now, and I was witnessing the brand grand opening of the new property in Hillsboro and also morning star has an amazing property in Um Kirkland and you know, I’m really struck with the youthfulness and the freshness of the Morning Star brand and what you guys bring to the community and I know you guys do a lot for the community and the fact that you are focusing so much on veterans because obviously, Um, we have a huge veterans population, especially up in the Everett Silver Lake area where we have the navy base and we have Boeing and we have people that have served in our military and you know, to have a community that has that level of respect and understanding and really Um, you know, programs for those of you know those that have served in our military, and I think that that’s something that we really want to focus on this hour. So think about it, you to all you listeners, think about you know. Who Do you know that maybe approaching, you know, sixties, sixty five, maybe even seventy, and you’re you’re sitting there in a house that’s, you know, probably too big to them or you or whoever that is, and it’s there’s so much maintenance, there’s so much things that go on, and this is the beauty of moving into a community like morning star because it involves so um independent and assisted living. So it’s something that you can come in and we can talk a little bit about this in Um as the show goes on, but we want to talk a little bit about what the services are if you go into a program like this. So in the meantime, again, Elena, before we go to a commercial, what is that numbered rs vp for this event right to R CP is four to five, four, six, six, six nine perfect and every when Elena and I we will be back right after this. We at answers for elders thank you for listening. Did you know that you can discover hundreds of podcasts in our library on senior care? So visit our website and discover our decision guides. That will help you also navigate decision making. Find US AT ANSWERS FOR ELDERS DOT COM.

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Originally published July 07, 2022

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