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Stan Esecson describes Voxx Socks.

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The following answers for elder’s podcast. It’s presented by and welcome back to answers for ELDERS radio. Everyone. I have a very special guest, a gentleman that the name of Stan Esecson and from why Nar Marketing. But most importantly, you have an amazing product that can help seniors with balance and so many more things that I’m so excited for because I got to try it out and I am wearing right now Voxx Socks and this is just amazing. Stan, tell me a little bit about your product. It is an amazing product and really, believe it or not, it’s a pair of socks. And the way I was introduced to this product was about a year ago. My phone rang and it was a buddy of mine from Florida and he said I really want you to check out this new product from Canada and I said, well, what is it? And he said it’s a pair of socks. And, Suzanne, I swear to you, I started laughing over the phone. I said you got to be kidding me. You probably get that reaction from a lot of people. I do, I do, and I said you got to be kidding me. Because my background is I’m a marketing guy, and so when he said it’s a pair of socks, started laughing. I said, come on, I’m not going to be out talking to people about socks. And he said, before you US dismiss this, please take a look at this product. I honestly think you’re going to be fascinated. So he sent me a video. I watched the video. He sent me a pair of socks and a pair of insults, because the same technology that we weave into the bottom of a pair of socks we put into a pair of insults. You just take out the insoles in your shoes, you put in our insuls and our technology starts to work instantly. Wow. So I have a ninety three. Excuse me, your old mother. I take my mother out to lunch on Sundays. So I drove over, I picked up my mother, we drove to the restaurant, I parked the car, I walked around, I opened the door, she gets out. I say, mom, before we have lunch, I want to do a little experiment to test your balance. Take off your shoes. Now picture this. We’re in southern California, busy parking lot, busy restaurant, my mom is ninety three and I’m asking her to take off her shoes. That’s a big deal in itself. Well, she looks at me like I’m the crazy one, but you know what, I’m the Middle Sun and it’s like, okay, if my middle son wants me to take off my shoes, them and all the parking lot, I will. So she was a trooper. She took off her shoes. I go okay, mom, stand up straight, arms by your side. I’m going to try to tip you over. I’m not going to let you fall, but I’m going to check your balance. Try Not to tip. And so I stand next to her and I push gently to try to tip her over and of course she goes flying. So I say step on the inspects flying. You didn’t let her fly. I didn’t let her face but a clarify the right but you could see that. You know what very easy very become, obviously. So I push her over. I say step on the insults. She steps on the insuls and, Suzanne, I swear to you, I cannot budge her. And this happens instantly with ninety five percent of everybody. And and this is a thing that is so interesting because when you tell the story. I remember hearing you tell the story and certainly I had that skeptical oh come on, you know, but it happened to me and I have you know. You know I reasonably like, okay, come on, there’s something to this. You know I’m a little bit naturally skeptical, but this was an amazing thing and I watched it. I’ve watched it. You do the same test with multiple individuals, even people here in the studio, and it really has made a difference. And so tell me a little bit about obviously these are socks, but there’s a little like, I guess, a stamp of some sort on the bottom of the sock or, you know, as part of an insul. What is it goes on the bottom of your or ball of your foot. So tell me a little bit about what that is. I sure it’s the patented. Yeah, the easiest way to think about it is reflexology. To go it is simply how we are touching the bottom of your feet. So we are, and I try to keep it simple, but it’s neurotechnology. Hm, the bottom of your feet has some nerve endings that are called dermatones and by touching them in a very specific pattern and sequence. We instantly impact your brain stem. The bottom line of that means that we help relax your brain stem. Your brain stem is what helps control balance, respiration, pain a lot of other functions of the body, and so if you really think about the human body, it’s electrical. Everything that’s happening is going through the spine, it’s nerve endings, it’s muscles, it’s all being triggered by your brain. So there’s a lot of people that have a lot of different issues, ranging from Parkinson’s to ms to a lot of neurological issues. Typically those are treated with pharmaceuticals. One of the great things about our product it is totally natural, it is totally drug free and it’s instant. There’s a lot of great therapies out there in this world, but if you talk to doctors they will tell you that the biggest problem they tend to have is what’s called patient compliance. They can give you the best drug in the world, but if you don’t take it the way you’re supposed to, it doesn’t have a shot of working right. So we don’t need to change anybody’s habits. We don’t need to have them eat something or swallow something or drink something. They don’t have to change anything other than their socks. Well, and you know, here’s the concern. Okay, I’m just going to what if and especially for seniors, there’s a lot of concern about I’m on medication, which you’ve brought that up, but there’s other issues with seniors and that cause balance issues. Maybe it’s a back issue, maybe it’s a stroke situation, maybe they have some Parkinson’s, maybe there’s a little bit of, you know, an inability to connect with motor functions. How do you find that these socks, you know, work and those areas? I can tell you that I personally have worked with hundreds of people with Parkinson’s, with MS, stroke survivors and people in general and anybody with feet can benefit from this product and there’s no learning curve to it. The nice part is it starts to work instantly. So we are talking to stand Essex and from why Nar Marketing and as stand you have an amazing product in that is called Vox Voxx sox. So tell me a little bit about you know, how do people obviously try them? Do you? Would you like have them into you will meet with them. How do they try these socks. The nice part about people being able to try the socks, and I have met up with people at Starbucks, I’ve met up with people in almost any destination you can imagine, because it takes ten seconds. Just like I told you the story of my mom. The quick, easy way for somebody to be able to see exactly what happens is take off your shoes. Yeah, off your shoes, you stand next to the insoles, you see what the balance is. Then we have you step on the insules and you instantly see and to see the expression on somebody’s face when they feel this, because I’m one of the most credible, I’m one of the most skeptical people in the world. And so again, once I saw this happen with my ninety three year old mother, I very quickly realized, okay, Mom’s not trying to sell me anything, she’s not pretending to make her son feel better. This really was helping her balance and because it happens instantly, there’s no learning curve to it. So the nice part about our product is we’re able to offer it with a thirty day money back guarantee. I can’t sit here and promise exactly what’s going to happen for any specific person, but I can guarantee that if they’re not totally satisfied with what does happen, no problem, they get all of their money back. Well, and I think what’s really important is, you know, to to talk to a senior that is still living independently. Are even baby boomers right now. You know, so many of us have, you know, different types of issues with our feet, with our balance and different things like that, and most certainly, to have a tool that can help us in the fall prevention area and, you know, anything that can help. And this is such an easy, simple, inexpensive thing to try and most certainly I’m excited that we get to partner with you and and people can find it and I know that in the future will be doing some some work together and we hope to be able to take presentations to senior communities, senior centers, different things like that in the area to, you know, try to help seniors that are struggling right now with their balance. So it’ll be exciting to see what happens. It will be and the nice thing is that it starts to work instantly and so it’s not, you know, take this pill three times a day and wait for weeks and maybe it’s going to kick in. It’s like change your socks and watch what happened. Right. Well, and I just sought be Beth teams from Brookdale was just in our studio be recording and and I watched you. You know, she’s looked the same look. It’s like, Oh, come on, and she was amazed. And then this is what I get to see you do that for people and it’s pretty exciting and I think if you know, there’s some things that we can do to help seniors balance longer, to state independent longer, to be able to make them feel more secure in their walking. I think a lot of times, when you’re talking about the this brain stemp there’s this big fear of falling and so that gets them more tense and that affects their balance even more. Focusing on that to just kind of give them a little bit more confidence about their stride, I think, is so valuable. So it’s so cool to see. Right, it’s like when we talk to seniors and typically will ask you know, what are your two biggest fears? For a lot of them, first as a fear they may outlive their money. Second is a fear of slipping and fallen and breaking a hip, because they see what happens to their friends when that absolutely it’s devastating. So you also do it’s socks and then there’s also insuls. Is that correct? Correct? We make both and there’s a lot of people that have custom orthotics. So if you’re already wearing custom orthotics, we say great, where our socks with your insults right. There are also people who have said, yeah, the doctor wanted me to get a pair of custom orthotics, but they were four hundred dollars and I said no, I’m not going to spend four hundred on a pair of insults. So either one work. The efficacy is the same. We do have some people that we’re both because sometimes it’s lifestyle. When they get home they like to take off their shoes and walk around in socks. So instead of having to take off their regular socks and put on our socks and now have two pair of socks to wash every day, they were both. And last thing, a lot of people sleep in the socks because they get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom big time. That’s a very dangerous time for risk of falling. So by sleeping in our socks. It helps them. That’s well at night. So how do we reach you? Best way is just go to our website, www dot our socks in actioncom. So see like see the world. See our socks in actioncom. You can watch some amazing videos. Every one of them is absolutely for real. Be as skeptical as you want, but just put them on your feet, put them on the feet of your loved ones. You will see exactly what happened. And you can also reach this website from the answers for elder’s radio website, and so it’s on the right column where you’ll see his block there, and you can certainly reach stands website from there. So stand thank you so much for being on the program thank you, Suzanne. Was a pleasure. For more information, go to see our socks in That’s see our


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Originally published April 28, 2018

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