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What Is Stacking Your Workouts?


This week we’re diving into a great discussion on “stacking your workouts”. What does it mean and how can stacking a great routine help you?

Here at senior fitness with Meredith we love releasing new workouts each week. All at very different lengths and skill levels. In doing so we’ve been fortunate enough to create the opportunity for you to customize these workout videos into a “stackable” schedule much like our “Custom 7 Day Workout Plan”


Being able to search through our videos and create exercise routines is one of the benefits of stacking your workouts together to obtain any type of fitness goal you may have. Lose weight? Gain strength? Be more flexible? These are all attainable with the right exercise regimen.

In This Podcast You Will

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). What exactly is stacking your workouts, what does it mean and how can it help you?

2). How all of our workouts are designed to be “mixed and matched” to help you find the best balance of exercises that work for you the best.


3). Is it a good idea to workout everyday and if you do, what kind of workouts should you focus on to avoid over working yourself.

4). Meredith’s idea of a great balanced routine that incorporates cardio, strength training and stretching which can help guide you to find your own favorite exercises.

5). The importance of staying consistent and listening to your body when coming up with your own stacked routine as this is the key to making progress and achieving your fitness goals.

Originally published March 09, 2021

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