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What’s the Process with SASH, with Rebecca Bomann

Rebecca Bomann talks about the process of using SASH Realty, serving the entire Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest.

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The following is a podcast from a qualified senior care provider heard on the answers for elders radio show. And Welcome back everyone to answers for elders radio. And I am here with the CEO and founder of Fast Services and that SAST SERVICESCOM and sash is stands for cell as senior’s home, and it’s really about a full service program for your family that you can have the stress of packing up your senior loved ones home, getting it ready to be on the market and having somebody that is there as an alley and an advocate for your family through this process. And Rebecca, I’m so glad you’re here with us this hour and and you know I have a personal story that I’m going to share this briefly with you and our listeners, because when I was called to go care for my mom, it was in the year two thousand and five and I had to drive up to my hometown where she lived in family home and it was about an hour and a half from where I lived. I lived in Kirkland and she lived in Antichordis and I had to drive all the way up there and she had a twenty three hundred square foot house basically, you know, to store your nipical daylight basement house, and I figured, Oh, no, big deal, we can just pack this up. Well, I talked to a little bit about in the in the earlier segment. It’s not so simple because, number one, I had to take time off from work and I figured, Oh, I can do this in two weeks. Well, what ended up to be a two week project ended up being a three month project because there were too many things that had to be addressed to get the house on the market. We had to move her into assistant living, so that was a whole piece of it in itself, and we had to figure out what to do with all of her stuff and how do we go through all of her stuff, which was just overwhelming on its own. And then finally, it was how do you deal with family dynamics, which were huge at the time, and I remember specifically the feeling of, you know, having to trying to make everybody happy, and yet I was angry under the surface because I felt like people were being greedy and pushy and you know, it was just because it was an emotional process for me and that how Shure a lot of memories for me. There was a lot of all of a sudden it was the last she was the last connection to my hometown because I didn’t really didn’t have anybody left there. So again, after living there, my mom lived in in Anichordis for forty five years. She then turned around and moved down to be near Lynwood, near me, and there was that piece of mom was letting go of her home as well. And who was she mad at? Was? She was mad at me, because I was the easy one to take it all out of. All Right, sure, but how many trips did I make up to Antichordis? Cow Many Times did we go through things? And it took us, you know, every waking moment and I remember, you know, just basically having to take a leave of absence from work because it was just way too overwhelming. And the lots of pay is overwhelming. It is here and if you know, I’m probably not different than a lot of people out there that go through know your story is so typical and it’s Ash. We get calls from adult children who are in every phase of this process. They’re just beginning and they don’t know where NAN or they’re at their three months into it and they’re so burned out, they’re overwhelmed, their crying, they’re seeing the toll that’s being taken on them themselves physically and on their family and it’s just really hard. And that’s what we’re here for, is we want to lift that burden off of the family of all of that work and stress so they can just focus on mom or dad, on just being their well giver or looking after them. And that’s so powerful because not only are you there as a you know, as a as a elder care provider or as a care provider with having the professional experience of hot being in the industry, but you’re also there to understand the market and understand having the network of contractors that you have and things like that that can make the proper repairs. So the Nice thing for a family is all you have to do is pick up the phone and you know and call Fash and you guys can just take it over from there and you, as a family can be rest assured that everything will done be done appropriately. Is that, you know, that’s pretty much it. Absolutely just a few months ago, Susan, I had a couple of brothers fly in from the East Coast. Their mom lived here and she needed to get out of her home. It was too much. And so they came. We met, we went over all the numbers and the homes options. They they chose an option that they wanted with sash. Mom signed the papers. Were all sitting around a table at a Sherry’s restaurant and they they push the keys across the table to us, got on a plane with mom a couple days later and they never came back. And we did everything. We emptied the home. We get in how we packed up items and shipped them over to them on the east coast. We renovated the home and restored its beauty. Is In one thousand nine hundred and twelve home, and then we had a bidding war and sold it for well over asking price and they didn’t have to come out and take time off. We just handled that whole thing for them. And that’s what we do over and over and over and have been for fifteen years, and we’re really passionate about taking that burden off of the family. So we are talking again to Rebecca Bowman, and Rebecca is the CEO and founder of Sash Services, and that is sash Servicescom Rebecca, what area you know? Do you serve primarily we cover basically the entire puget sound area. So we will go all the way up to walcome’s gadget where in island county. We just sold a home on Camino island. We’re over on the Olympic peninsula. We’ve sold a lot of homes for clients out there, all the way down through king and peers even Thurston, and so if it’s within a couple hours drive, we can do that. The only time we don’t is when we don’t feel like we can provide good service if it’s too far away. But we we want to help as much as we can. So basically the greater puget sound area in western Washington. And the good news is is that you act as the general contractor as well, so even the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about the real if there’s remodeling that need used to be are, you know, renovating a little bit to get it ready for sale, you guys handle all of that. Is that correct? We do, and boy, I tell you what, when I’m eighty five Susanne, I hope that I’m not crawling in my caral space and checking things out. When those their homes. They probably haven’t been down in their carel space for a long time and there might be things that need updating, and so we are a license contractor and we handle that work for our clients. But the part that makes us different than other real estate brokeradges is that we front the funds to pay for those repairs and renovations, whereas a lot of other services will come and offer to seniors, will replace the roof, will paint, but the senior has to front that money, where off Hims. They really need those resources to get into assisted living, to pay for their care, and so their house rich but cash poor, and so we divide the funds to pay for the downsizing, the moving, the packing, cleaning out the home and then updating it so that they don’t have any funds out of pocket and then those are reimbursed when we sell the home. So it provides that financial bridge that is so critical to be able to just have peace of mind moving into the assistant living or senior housing or that Condo that they want, knowing their not fronting thirty or forty or FIFTYZERO dollars to go through that right and a lot of seniors don’t have that. Like you said, they’re kept their house rich for cash for and certainly that could be a factor with, you know, with the adult children have it having to figure out how to front those funds to get mom or dad moved in. So again, those are all great resources that you provide. Now, when you went, a family calls you, Rebecca, what usually? What’s the process? Yeah, so first of all it’s really important that that we go at their pace and so sometimes folks call for information and they say, I won’t be ready till next year. That’s fine with us. We want to go at whatever pace they want. Sometimes families call us in a crisis. You know, mom has just fallen, they need to sell the home quickly, and then we go into high gear. Whatever the pieces. That’s what we followed. That whatever the Familey wants to become. We visit the home, we learn about the home and the needs that that specific Stanley has and their financial needs. We take a look at the condition of the home and what might need to be done to get it ready for market. Every single one of our home sales is customized around that senior specific needs. We do not have a box. We build the box around their specific situation. When we meet them we come back and present homesale options to them and to all the decision makers that they want present, because we feel like that’s really important that everyone gets their questions answered, that their knowledgeable, they’re making a decision from a point of being well informed, and then, if they’re ready, they call us and let us know, all right, this is the way I want to do my homesale, we’re ready to begin and then we go forward with that. It’s all directed by our clients. It’s on their timeline and I’ve waited a couple of years with my clients until they’re ready. Sometimes that’s totally fine. We are at their pace, but we can also jump in and move quickly if they need us do well, and certainly to just just advising or working with a family, you can probably help them, you know, in determining when that right timing might be based on, you know, the fact that they may have a reverse mortgage, they may have different aspects that might be hurrying up the house sale or not. You certainly are there to help evaluate that process. Is that correct? We are, and you know, being proactive is so much better than reactive. We can help family to our in crisis if they are able to say I’m ready, it is time to do this. The senior homeowners will have a lot more autonomy and choice in that process then if they have to make all those decisions in a crisis. And so I do encourage our clients to be in charge of their own home film and to do it when they can be making all the decisions themselves instead of, you know, during a health emergency when all those choices become a lot more limited. But yes, we provide that guidance each step of the way. Well, in the next bottom half of our hour I want to go a little bit more into what is the market there? What’s going on with with, you know, with the the market overall with seniors, and I certainly would love to talk a little bit about how sas can work with you. So in the meantime, Rebecca, how do we reach to? Our website is Servicescom, Sash Servicescom, and our phone numbers to Oki five, year, one or three, seven five. All right, everyone, and Rebecca will be right back right after this answers for elders radio show with Susan Newman. Hopes you found this podcast useful in your journey of navigating senior care. Check out more podcasts like this to help you find qualified senior care experts and areas of financial, Lego, health and wellness and living options. 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Originally published October 25, 2020

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