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10 Best Ways For Social Seniors to Stay Busy

Socialization is important to your quality of life, especially as you age. It’s important for your physical and mental well-being. If you’re a social senior who likes to get out there, then here are 10 opportunities for you!

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1. Churches

Churches are one of the best ways to find socialization opportunities throughout life. Many churches have senior and singles activities like potluck dinners and even field trips. Join a Bible study or other weekly get-togethers hosted by your local church, and you’ll be sure to meet new people, make friends, and connect on a social and spiritual level!

2. Volunteer

My wife volunteers at the hospital and she has become friends with both the employees and other volunteers. She joined the auxiliary committee and they started having lunch meetings to discuss activities and then continued with social lunches. Now she frequently has lunch with another lady volunteer she has become friends with. Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved with your community and feel a sense of fulfillment.

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3. Senior Centers and Adult Day Care

Senior centers are absolutely great for socialization with all the programs and activities with friendly people.  There is a huge selection of activities for seniors that you can enjoy with others.  For the more active, try to find an “active adult” center. Check out adult day cares near you to get started!

4. Hobbies

Whatever hobby you have or want to start, there is usually a local group of people who have a passion for that same hobby. Attend local meetings, shows, and conventions. The group will need members to help with activities and this is a great way to meet people!

5. Clubs

Check to see if there is a club for your favorite activity in the area. You’ll automatically have something in common with the other members! Book clubs are popular. Dance clubs – every larger metro area has people who like to dance. Take dance lessons and you will easily meet others who like dancing too. Attend the dances and enjoy meeting the friendly people and you may turn into a regular dance club member.

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6. Sports

A group of us frequently attend sports events together. We look forward to games and start talking about them even a few months before we purchase tickets! Also, joining a sports team is both healthy and social! I myself am on a bowling team and bocce ball. Other seniors I know enjoy golf with others, walking clubs, and even Wii Sports.


7. Retirement Communities

Move to a retirement community! New friendships can easily be made in retirement communities that have programs and activities to encourage socializing – especially in active adult communities.

three senior adults in a senior adult education class being social and raising a hand

8. Life Long Learning

Classes of any type stimulate your mind as well as having interaction with fellow students and teachers. Join a senior adult education program at your local college or senior center.

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9. Breakfast Groups

Senior groups meet at McDonald’s or other local restaurants, even some grocery store cafes and other places. And, why not? Cheap meal and good conversation? Man, sign me up too!

10. Part-Time Jobs

Did you know that almost half of Americans between the ages of 60 and 75 said they plan to work part-time after retiring from full-time work? Seniors enjoy spending time outside of their homes. Stay busy. Stay active. And, meet new people every day with a part-time retirement job!


Originally published November 02, 2022

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