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Children and Family Caregivers

Explanations of the many options available to meet the "Parent-digm" shift - successful role reversal. Discussion of ways to assist elders to remain in their home and gain at-home or community-based services. Definitions of the types of communities and homes-with-care that have replaced the "old age home."

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If Business Depends on Seniors

In the business of marketing to seniors? Use products or services from others in the industry? Check our site often in order to gain valuable insights and peruse the competition.


Senior Topics

What does it take to successfully age in place, find a retirement home, cope with aging, and understand housing options? Discover how estate and insurance planning can improve your housing choices and how areas of elder law affect your plan.

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Pest Control for Seniors

It’s true that seniors may face unique problems and considerations when they have a pest infestation. Here is help for pest control.

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Senior Health Topics

Understand senior health issues in this article. Changes occur in individual cells and organs, and the rate of change can be very different from person to person.

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Shared Housing

Shared Housing is an alternative long-term living arrangement where two unrelated people choose to live together for mutual benefits.

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My Aging Funny Bone

Jokes sent to us, by you! We've categorized them to help you find the ones that tickle your aging funny bone the most.

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Senior Bazaar™

Our Senior Bazaar™ is the place to find all those special items and services that are non-existent or buried at other stores.

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Education for Senior Citizens

There is always one odd duck... why not be the ONE! Our Seniors' Education page can help.

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Climate Change and YOU

Climate change can potentially disproportionately affect the most vulnerable populations, including seniors. This group may be one of the most affected because of decreased mobility, physiological changes, and access to resources. 

Climate Change and Seniors

Moving Checklist

This is an evolving resource to help make sure that nothing falls through the cracks when you're getting ready to move.


Alzheimer's Help

What should you do if loss of memory or confusion is evident, and dementia or Alzheimer's is suspected in you, or a family member?

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