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Adult day services offer older adults and those with disabilities professional care, socialization, and enrichment opportunities in community-based group settings. Programs are designed to provide supervised care and promote quality of life for both participants and their families. Adult day services give family caregivers a break and can alleviate the weight of their responsibilities. These services are also useful in countering feelings of isolation or depression in seniors.

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There Are 3 Types of Adult Day Services

Social adult day care focuses on enrichment, recreation, and socialization. Facilities that offer social care will feature engaging activities, therapeutic exercises, and mental stimulation. Participants are encouraged to connect with others and stay active. Meals are usually provided, as well as some moderate health supports such as blood pressure screening.

Adult day health care (ADHC) provides both social activities and more intensive medical services. These programs typically offer physical, occupational, and speech therapies and are staffed with nurses and other health professionals. ADHC programs are for older adults who have chronic conditions or may have recently experienced an illness or injury that requires continued care.

Specialized adult day care programs provide services for those with specific conditions or needs. Some facilities will specialize in memory care while others may cater to adults with developmental disabilities.

Common Features To Look For

Though every facility is different, and health supports will vary, some common features to look for in adult day services include:

  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Meals and snacks
  • Personal care assistance
  • Social activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Games
  • Group exercise
  • Outings and outdoor activities


The national average for adult day services is around $80 per day. Medicare does not cover these types of programs but, Medicaid will. Other payment considerations are long-term care insurance and Veterans Health Benefits.

Ready to choose an adult day service?

Choosing an adult day service that is right for you or a loved one can be an important part of the aging-in-place process. Visit these resources for more on adult day care and other adult day services:

Find adult day services near me

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National Adult Day Services Association - Caregiving

Administration for Community Living - Older Americans Act

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