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Small Town Retirement In Alaska

In recent years, Alaska has become a popular retirement destination. Though it has less than 700,000 residents, it’s the largest of all 50 states and has a great deal to offer senior citizens who are looking for a place to settle down.

Alaska landscape

What’s So Great About Retirement In Alaska?

Alaska has very few taxes. In fact, Alaska has no income tax or sales tax! There’s also an annual rebate where residents get a certain amount from oil earnings. And, even through the economic hardships of late, home values have remained steady.

The Alaska climate is a bit different than most other states. The winters are cold, especially in the inside parts of the state. Spring arrives late and the summers are somewhat short (but also magnificent). And in the Southeast part of the state, such as Juneau, you’ll find a milder climate. Alaska days are short and in the northern part of Alaska, the sun never really sets.


Small Towns in Alaska


Anchorage, Alaska has a population of around 300,000 people. There are more than 95 different languages that are spoken in the largest city in the state. Anchorage started out being known as a railroad construction area and tent city. It has grown diverse in culture since then with numerous activities in the arts and culture industry as well as a wide variety of different events and a wide array of several dining options.


Juneau is one of the most growthful cities that offer retirees a combination of small-town friendliness and big-city amenities. There are around 31,000 people that live in Juneau and most of them work in tourism, fishing, mining, or government.


Skagway is located on the panhandle of Alaska. It first started out as a city but now is known as a borough. The area of land is 452 square miles and 12 square miles of water. It was founded in 1897, incorporated as a city in 1900, and became a borough in 2007.


Sitka was formally called New Archangel. It is located on the island of Baranof as well as the southernmost part of the island of Chicaghagof. Sitka has a population of close to 9,000 people and is the fourth largest city in Alaska by population.


Ready For Retirement In Alaska?

From beautiful natural landscapes to small-town charm, Alaska might be the perfect place to spend your retirement!

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Originally published July 14, 2022

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