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Social Security Disability’s Medicare Enrollment Rules

Learning how to enroll in the right Medicare and Part D prescription drug plan when someone has a serious health condition can be complicated! Here’s what those on Social Security Disability need to know.

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Understanding Your Social Security Benefits Adjustment for 2024

Did you know that Social Security Benefits are set to increase in 2024? But what is the percentage of the increase? When will these changes go into effect? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Most and Least Popular Ages to Claim Social Security

Here’s the rundown of when most people start receiving retirement benefits, and how signing up at each age impacts your payout.

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A Little-Known Social Security Program That Helps Seniors Manage Their Money

Social Security actually has a little-known program known as the “representative payee program” that helps beneficiaries who need help managing their Social Security benefit payments. Here’s what you should know.

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When to Expect Your Social Security Checks

The day of the month you receive your benefit payment will depend on your birthdate. Here’s the schedule of when you can expect to receive your monthly check. 

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How to Replace Important Documents That Are Lost or Missing

Replacing important documents that are destroyed, lost, or stolen is pretty easy once you know where to turn.

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What Happens if You Work While Receiving Social Security?

You can collect Social Security retirement benefits and work at the same time but depending on how old you are and how much you earn, some or all of your benefits could be temporarily withheld. Here’s how it works.

How to Claim Social Security Benefits

You should file one or two months before you want benefits to begin, but if you’re the worrying type, you can do it up to three or four months before. Here are more basics to know!

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Is Social Security Income Taxable?

Whether or not you’ll be required to pay federal income tax on your Social Security benefits will depend on your income and filing status. About 35 percent of Social Security recipients have total incomes high enough to trigger federal income tax on their benefits. Here’s what to know.

Medicare at 64: What You Need to Know if You’re on Social Security Disability

Learning how to enroll in Medicare when someone has a serious health condition can be extremely complicated. Luckily, Toni can help!

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