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What Makes A Small Town Perfect For Retirement?

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When planning for retirement, many people seek out a new home in a new town. Maybe you want to downsize. Maybe you’re looking for a warmer climate. Or, perhaps you’re simply ready for a change of pace. While some Baby Boomers are looking for excitement and thriving nightlife, others hunt for new homes in quieter, more cozy places. So, how do the others choose? Let’s discuss what makes a small town perfect for retirement, according to a retired Boomer!


Ease of Travel

To some, this may mean the ability to walk to restaurants, venues, and shops within the community. To others, it might mean good public transportation! For those who are moving to be closer to children and grandchildren, it means how easy the drive to visit them will be.

Retiree Amenities

You might be looking for a  55+ community for your small town retirement. After all, most include a wide variety of amenities. Some Boomers look to the town, in general, to see what healthcare facilities, senior centers, adult education opportunities, libraries, and arts and entertainment venues are available.


Small Town Retirement Social Connections

Many small towns or small cities share common themes or have large concentrations of certain types of people. Perhaps citizens share a common ethnic heritage, like Leavenworth, WA’s Scandinavians. Or, shared interests like the Sedona, AZ population of artists. Towns that host annual festivals and other events also offer many opportunities to meet new people. And, let’s not forget how great it is to be close to those close to our own age!

Close-By Health Care & Emergency Services

Are there 24-hour medical services close by? Small towns, just like bigger cities, should have nearby health care and emergency services.

Small Town Retirement

Retiring to a small town can be an appealing option on many fronts. After battling traffic and hassles of urban or suburban living for decades, the attractions of small-town life can be a quieter and welcome alternative, offering opportunities to learn, grow, socialize, and live happy and healthy lives as seniors!


Originally published June 09, 2022

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