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Where to Find Rooms for Rent for Seniors

When it comes to finding a place to live as a senior, the good news is that you won’t struggle for options. From senior apartments to retirement communities to nursing homes, you have a wide range of choices. The bad news is that you may struggle to know which one is right for you. While many seniors prefer to age in place at home, others may need extra assistance or simply want to downsize. For seniors looking to rent a room rather than a full apartment or house, you’re in luck. We happen to have resources that might help you in your quest. Here are some of the best places to find rooms for rent.


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Here at, we offer countless ways for you to search for shared housing opportunities. Not only do we boast a nationwide database of shared living spaces (which you can access HERE), but we also have countless resources. Our website is designed to aid with a variety of senior living needs, from housing to care support.

Senior Advisor may be another great way to room to rent! You just need to enter your zip code. If you’re not comfortable with using technology, you can always enlist a loved one or friend to assist you. All you’ll need to provide is an email address, and Senior Advisor will handle the rest! Additionally, their website has other great resources, including a free care quiz. Not into computers? Good news—they have a phone number. Simply dial 1-800-805-3621 to reach their customer service line.


Senior-Friendly Housing Communities

Another great option is senior housing communities. Designed for older adults, they may offer shared living space opportunities, as well. These communities can be a great option for seniors who want to be a part of a larger community. Many boast resort-style amenities, such as planned social outings, on-site fitness centers, and more. Not sure where to begin your search? Why not start right here at Senior Resource? Click here to find a retirement community near you.

Roommate-Finding Websites

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If none of the above options have appealed to you, you’re not out of luck just yet. Websites such as Roomster and Roomies offer tools to match seniors with potential roommates. Whether you’re looking for a roommate to share a rental space with or renting a room in your own home, these websites can help! Of course, they’re not the only ones you may find helpful. SpareRoom and Roommates are also great resources, designed to match you with the perfect housemate.

Local Organizations


Many nonprofit organizations and community centers offer resources and programs designed to aid seniors in finding affordable housing. These organizations may be able to connect seniors with local landlords or rental options or provide information on rental assistance programs. Of course, never overlook your local housing authority! They may be able to provide a solution or point you toward one. To find your local housing authority, click HERE.

Local Community Boards

Don’t forget to check out the local community boards by visiting senior centers, libraries, and town halls! They’re meant for you and others in your community to find various events, groups, and local services. You might find ads for people looking for roommates or information on how to find affordable housing. Don’t shy away from asking for help. Sometimes, the best answer is on the community bulletin board right down the street.


Social Media Groups

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Social media is for more than sharing pictures and talking to your friends! It can also be a valuable tool in your quest to find a room to rent. In fact, Facebook and other social media platforms can be a great resource for seniors looking for shared living spaces. Many senior-specific groups exist on these websites, where seniors can connect with others in their area and find potential roommates or housing options. So, if you still haven’t found an option to your liking on this list, check Facebook or other social media sites for answers. You may find one even quicker than you think!

Looking for More?

Finding a place to live as a senior can be a difficult task, but there are resources available to help! Still on the hunt for information? Then check out these great articles next:

Originally published September 18, 2023

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