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10 Best Retirement Podcasts to Follow in 2023

Did you know that over 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day? That’s a lot of people nearing retirement age! In order to get the most out of retirement, you need to prepare. Emotionally, physically, and—of course—financially. If you’re a Baby Boomer who’s turning 65, retirement has undoubtedly crossed your mind. Maybe you’ve been researching retirement since you were in your thirties, or maybe you need a few refresher courses. Whatever the case, we can help! Here are 10 retirement podcasts you should be following in 2023.


1. Retirement for Real

Retirement for Real - retirement podcasts

Hosted by financial advisor Lena Armuth, Retirement for Real‘s goal is to help older adults make the most sensible financial decisions in retirement. From teaching you how to diversify your retirement portfolio to maximizing your Social Security benefits, Lena covers a wide range of relevant topics. Best of all, she breaks down complex subjects in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. Her show drops every other Tuesday, and you can listen right here on Senior Resource!

Listen to Retirement for Real here:

2. The Retirement Answer Man

The Retirement Answer Man - retirement podcasts

You have questions, and Roger Whitney has answers. This award-winning podcast covers everything from mortgages to Social Security to divorce and remarriage. It’s no wonder this podcast boasts over 4 million downloads! With over 25 years of experience as a certified financial planner, Roger Whitney knows a little something about retirement planning and wants to share his wisdom with the world. In addition to over 360 episodes (and counting), The Retirement Answer Man also has FREE resources available for download on the official website.


Listen to The Retirement Answer Man here:

3. Retire Repurposed

The folks at Retire Repurposed have only one mission: to help older adults rethink and reimagine retirement! They believe that retirement is not the end; it’s a new beginning. Their show covers every aspect of retirement. It’s inspirational, relatable, and incredibly informative.

Listen to Retire Repurposed here:

4. Rock Your Retirement

Kathe Kline is a woman with a mission. After working in both the financial field and with Medicare recipients, she started Rock Your Retirement as a way to share her knowledge with others! She discusses life, marriage, and everything in between.

Listen to Rock Your Retirement here:

5. The Free Retiree Show

What do you get when a wealth manager, career advisor, and attorney walk into a room? You get The Free Retiree Show! Hosts Lee Michael Murphy, Sergio Patterson, and Matthew McElroy use their collective knowledge to provide meaningful and entertaining advice. Learn how YOU can avoid financial missteps so you can enjoy life and retirement to the fullest.

Listen to The Free Retiree Show here:

6. The Retirement Factory

Hosted by Josh “Foreman” Wells and Manny “Money Man” Rezendes, The Retirement Factory provides valuable insight that will help you get to and through retirement. Every week, they cover a wide range of topics, from healthcare expenses to finding purpose in retirement. The show is presented by Euclid Financial Services LLC, a financial firm that specializes in retirement planning.


Listen to The Retirement Factory here:

7. Retirement Revealed

Named a Top 25 Retirement Podcast in 2021, Retirement Revealed is still going strong! Host Jeremy Keil, a certified financial advisor, guides listeners through complex topics like retirement, investment, and tax planning with a lot of wisdom and a dash of humor.

Listen to Retirement Revealed here:

8. The Retirement Wisdom Podcast

Featured on The Wall Street Journal as one of the top 10 podcasts for older adults, The Retirement Wisdom Podcast is here to entertain and enlighten its audience! While many podcasts discuss the financial side of retirement, this show takes a slightly more in-depth approach to its listeners’ questions and concerns. Featuring interviews with experts, this podcast highlights everything from being a grandparent to embracing one’s creativity in retirement.

Listen to The Retirement Wisdom Podcast here:

9. Keen on Retirement

Keen on Retirement - retirement podcasts

Presented by Keen Wealth Advisors and hosted by author and financial advisor Bill Keen, this podcast is both entertaining and informative! Keen on Retirement focuses on relevant topics like finances, goal-setting, and creating a legacy plan.

Listen to Keen on Retirement here:

10. Beyond Retirement

Beyond Retirement - retirement podcasts

Host Jacquie Doucette is passionate about helping others achieve their dream retirement. Her show is packed full of optimism and insight. She understands that retirement is an ongoing process and wants to help you enjoy it to the fullest throughout each stage. Every episode of Beyond Retirement contains wisdom that can benefit every listener, from the young to the young at heart!

Listen to Beyond Retirement here:


Originally published March 22, 2023

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