Senior Resources » 18 Cheap Easter Gifts Under $35 Your Grandkids Will LOVE

18 Cheap Easter Gifts Under $35 Your Grandkids Will LOVE

Easter is a time of hope, new beginnings…and time with family! Stumped on what you should get your grandchildren for Easter this year? No worries. We’ve got you covered!


Infants & Toddlers

Bunny Eggy Baby Teething Toy

Ages: Infant, Toddler

Features we love: This cute little teething toy is both fun and practical! It comes in five colors, including pink, green, and blue. Plus, the adorable bunny design and built-in rattle will be sure to delight your grandchild.


Peter Rabbit Book and Teething Toy

Ages: Infant, Toddler

Features we love: If you loved Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit as a child, why not pass it on to the next generation? This soft fabric book doubles as a teething toy. It’s also interactive, with peek-a-boo flaps and textured pages that crinkle. Best of all, it’s machine-washable!

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GUND Baby My 1st Easter Basket Plush Playset

Ages: Infant, Toddler


Features we love: Featuring five unique plushies, this Easter basket is safe for kids of all ages! These toys, made by award-winning toy company GUND, are machine-washable and oh-so-soft! Don’t let the Easter basket’s cute plush design fool you—it can be used for storage, too!

Bunny Security Blanket

Ages: Infant

Features we love: This bunny security blanket is perfect for Easter! And while the rabbit would fit right in with the Easter theme, this blanket features a myriad of fun designs—including a unicorn, fox, yellow duck, and elephant!

Toomies Hide & Squeak Easter Eggs

Ages: Toddler

Features we love: These little eggs are both interactive and musical! The eggs contain colorful baby chicks that actually chirp when you press their heads. In addition to being adorable, it’s also educational! Kids can learn their colors and shapes as they sort each egg into its place.



ArtCreativity Coloring Books

Ages: 3 and Up

Features we love: Kids will be in coloring heaven with this gift. With over 20 mini coloring books, each featuring 6 pages of Easter-themed pictures, this set will be sure to entertain your preschool-aged grandchildren.

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Lydaz Bubble Lawn Mower

Ages: 2 and Up

Features we love: This nifty little toy can be enjoyed during spring and summer months! It’s lightweight and features sound effects and a bubble maker!


Paint Your Own Squishies

Ages: 5+

Features we love: If you have a budding artist on your hands, then this is the perfect gift. This award-winning toy will allow the Picasso in your life to flex their creative muscles and let their imagination soar. It even comes with supplies! How’s that for convenient?

Unicorn Bracelets

Ages: 4+

Features we love: Most little girls love jewelry and unicorns, and this gift is truly the best of both worlds. These brightly-colored bracelets and rings actually come in prefilled Easter eggs, so you don’t have to do anything extra. Also, the rings are adjustable, so they’re able to fit most hands.

How To Draw 101 Cute Stuff For Kids

Ages: 4-8

Features we love: This step-by-step guide book will teach readers to draw everything from rabbits to balloons. Also, it’s educational. A fun fact related to the object or character is featured on every page!

Plush Bunny Backpack

Ages: 2+

Features we love: This lightweight bunny backpack is both cute and convenient! If it ever gets dirty or stained, have no fear—you can just throw it in the wash to get it clean.

Pink Doodle Board

Ages: 3+

Features we love: This versatile little tablet is an Etch A Sketch with a modern twist. Kids can use a stylus to draw to their hearts’ content and clear it with the click of a button. The easy-to-replace battery lasts up to 6 months. And, the eye-protection screen means your grandchild can use this tablet without strain or injury.


Dinosaur Eggs Dig Kit

Ages: 4+

Features we love: This kit is fun, educational, and interactive. Each dig set comes with its own set of tools, and every dinosaur is glow-in-the-dark.

JOYIN Racing Cars

Ages: 3+

Features we love: These cars come in prefilled Easter eggs! You can choose between three different designs. Better yet, each option comes with 12 cars.

Nutty Toys Parachute Toys

Ages: 3+

Features we love: These toys are designed for stress-free fun! Kids can throw them in the air and watch them descend to the ground as many times as they like—without worrying about the parachute knotting or tangling! Best of all, this toy is designed to be played with both outdoors and indoors.

Easter Bunny and Chick Building Kit

Ages: 6+

Features we love: If you want a gift that’s both lasting and educational, this might just the thing you need! This set is simple to assemble and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. At the end of the project, your little engineer will feel a sense of accomplishment. Now, that’s a wonderful gift.


Magnetic Dart Board

Ages: 12 and Up

Features we love: Darts is a fun game, but unless you know what you’re doing, it can be a little dangerous. Introduce your teen grandkids to darts with a safe alternative—a magnetic dart board! This double-sided board comes with 12 magnetic darts and can be hung anywhere by way of the keyhole slot at the top. Talk about hitting a bullseye!

MAREE Facial Masks

Ages: Teen and Up

Features we love: Most teens are concerned with their skin. If your grandchild is in that stage of life, get them a gift they’ll really appreciate—facial masks! These dermatologist-recommended facial masks do everything from moisturize to reduce puffy eyes.

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Originally published March 29, 2023

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