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Cohousing refers to private communities where residents live in clusters of homes or condos close to one another. Also known as “intentional neighborhoods,” this type of living is built on residential participation, companionship, inclusion, and trust.

Cohousing embraces community involvement as a lifestyle. Residents share everything from mealtimes to cleaning and laundry duties. It’s also common for residents to partake in classes, entertainment, and other group activities regularly. 

Features include shared eating spaces, gardens, and communal recreation areas.

Why do seniors choose cohousing?

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According to a report by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, nearly one-fourth of adults over the age of 65 are considered to be socially isolated. For seniors nearing retirement (or who are already retired), cohousing can be an exceptional solution to feelings of loneliness or loss of self-worth. 

Cohousing is for seniors who want to mesh aging in place with community living. It’s choosing to share retirement with friends. Seniors who are involved in cohousing enjoy unplanned social moments that come from being close to and knowing all their neighbors. Residents are always within arm’s reach of a friend or helping hand, while also living privately in their own home.

What does it cost?

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Most condos or single-family homes can be purchased at regular market prices. Many cohousing communities have shared expenses, much like homeowner's association fees, that help pay for amenities, maintenance, and meals. Cohousing can be economically and environmentally efficient, as residents may grow their food and share transportation.

How to choose cohousing.

Choosing the perfect cohousing community can be easy with the right knowledge and tools. Visit our Cohousing directory to find one in your state!