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4 Reasons Why Older Adults Should Walk More

It’s good to see so many dedicated walkers out on a regular basis in our active adult community. As soon as autumn begins, I’m sure we’ll see even more. However, even during the blisteringly hot summer months, the walkers in our community are consistent. But they’re more than just consistent; they’re noble. A lot of these dedicated walkers have overcome tremendous difficulties. Here are the four categories of walkers I see:

  1. The number of 80-plus-year-old regular walkers in our community is truly impressive.  In fact, they are some of the best walkers. You can tell they’re pros.
  2. There are also the bounce-back walkers. I’m talking about individuals who’ve bounced back from heart operations. Knee and hip replacements. Despite all these physical setbacks, they’re still determined to fight back and keep walking.
  3. Then there are the fighters. The people who walk while dealing with ongoing health problems—sight problems, back problems, foot problems, or mobility problems. You know it’s not easy for them to walk, but they do.
  4. Finally, there are the people who are walking for their health. Those plucky individuals who’ve decided to improve their health. They get up, lace their shoes, and walk every day without fail.

Yes, these walkers are truly an inspiration. The Village at Deaton Creek is an ideal place for walkers, and it’s heartwarming to see so many folks take advantage of their surroundings. Here are 4 reasons why walking is good for everyone.

1. Walking is accessible to people with health problems.

elderly couple walking

Walking makes it easier to move hip and knee joints so that you feel less pain. The motion actually lubricates the joints, so walking is good for people with arthritis or injuries to the knees and other joints. Plus, you don’t need a gym membership or access to a treadmill to walk. So long as you have a pathway and some walking shoes, you can walk just about anywhere! In fact, walking outside in nature might be even better for your health.


2. Walkers are more likely to stay independent.

senior woman walking healthy aging

According to research, walking may help older adults maintain physical and cognitive independence for far longer. Wow! What a selling point! Of course, most of us older adults would like to age in place and maintain our independence as we grow older. So, if you’re concerned about your health, don’t fret. Start a walking routine. You may just be surprised at all the benefits you see.

3. Walking can reduce your risk of death.

two seniors walking

Recently, a study I read suggested that women who walked just 4,400 steps per day had a 41% decreased risk of death, compared to women who walked only 2,700 steps per day. You read that right—walking may increase your longevity!

4. Walking improves cardiovascular fitness.

Walking reduces the risks of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Additionally, it may also improve cardiovascular health. Also, if you’re ever feeling blue, you should slip on your sneakers and hit the nearest walking trail. Why? Because walking may boost energy levels and release endorphins—a type of “feel-good” chemical that may increase overall well-being.

Clearly, walking works!


Originally published August 02, 2023

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