Senior Resources » 4 Reasons Why Suburbs Are the Best Locations for Active Adult Communities

4 Reasons Why Suburbs Are the Best Locations for Active Adult Communities

Most of the more popular 55+ active adult communities are located on the outer edges of larger metro areas, commonly referred to as the suburbs. Some believe it’s because because land prices are cheaper for developers. They can acquire the hundreds of acres at a reasonable price. While that may be part of it, there’s more to it than that. Here are 4 reasons why I believe the suburbs make the best locations for active adult communities.


1. You can remain close to friends, family, and loved ones without dealing with the annoyances of the city.

Cities are convenient, but they have downsides, too. They’re loud, crowded, and smelly. Not to mention, the horrible traffic, high taxes, and crime! Suburbs are a happy medium. They allow us to stay close to our friends and family who live in cities without actually having to be in the midst of the chaos. Plus, if you’ve lived your life in the city, you’re already familiar with the area!

2. Provides convenient access to state-of-the-art hospitals and medical centers.

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A lot of active adult communities are built close to hospitals and medical centers. Not to mention, many specialists and general practitioners are even opening up second locations next to 55+ Communities for easier access. This is particularity true here at Village at Deaton Creek. The Northeast Georgia Medical Center is right next door, the Longstreet Clinic Building is across the street, and even more are under construction!


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3. You are close enough to commute to work.

Whether by necessity or choice, a lot of older adults continue working well after retirement age. Some might elect to do part-time work, while others choose to continue working full-time. Whatever the case, if you live in the suburbs, you can keep your job in the city. In fact, you’ll be just one morning commute away from the office. How’s that for a happy medium?

4. It’s a lot more quiet.

Cities are exciting, but they’re also loud. Cars honk at all hours of the day. People troll the streets at all hours of the night. If you live in an apartment building, noise from the adjacent unit may bleed into your apartment and wreck your peace and quiet. Yes, cities are certainly loud. But suburbs are often a little more quiet! Plus, they have a little more space. This automatically makes them a much better choice for active adult community living.

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Originally published May 25, 2023

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