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5 Chair Exercises for Seniors

senior man and home care aide doing seated exercise

Physical limitations can make many traditional exercises challenging. Chair exercises can help! Stay active and flexible with these 5 exercises you can do sitting down.


Seated Leg Lifts

seated leg lifts, chair exercises for seniors

This exercise will strengthen your lower body and improve circulation. Start by sitting tall in your chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Lift one leg straight out in front of you and then lower it back down. Lift as high as is comfortable for you. There’s no right or wrong, especially if this is new to you! Repeat this movement 10-15 times on each leg.

Arm Circles

This upper body exercise is a simple but quite effective way to get your heart rate up and improve arm strength and flexibility. Sit upright in your chair, extend your arms out to the sides, and start making circles in a forward motion. Gradually increase the size of the circles. After 10-15 reps, switch the direction of your circles.


Seated Marching

seated marching chair exercises

This exercise is great for promoting cardiovascular health as well as strengthening your leg muscles. Begin by sitting upright, with your feet flat on the floor. Lift one knee up towards your chest, then lower it back down. Repeat this with the other knee. Continue alternating legs, as if you’re marching, for two minutes. For extra fun, put on your favorite song and chair march to the beat!

Seated Torso Twist

Torso twists target core muscles and enhances spinal mobility. Sit tall in your chair, placing your hands on your hips. Slowly rotate your upper body to one side, as far as comfortable, and hold for a few seconds. Return to the center and repeat on the other side. Do 8-10 twists on each side.

Chair Yoga

chair yoga

Get comfortable in your chair and start by breathing deeply. Inhale and exhale slowly. Then, gently stretch your arms overhead, lengthening your spine. Try different poses, such as seated twists or forward bends. Gentle stretches only! Focus on maintaining proper breathing throughout your stretches. Chair yoga can help improve your flexibility and balance. But, best of all, it promotes relaxation!

Exercises for Seniors

happy seniors exercising

Aging adults of all fitness levels can do something! Always talk about new regimens with your doctor first, then, remember to start slow, and listen to your body. If you’re looking for more exercise tips, start with Senior Fitness with Meredith on YouTube and podcast! If you’re in search of more healthy living tips, then check out our blog:


Originally published May 22, 2023

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