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“YOU can do it! We can get All Over Strong! Stay happy and healthy always!!” – Meredith

Senior Fitness with Meredith is a podcast covering a wide range of health topics for seniors with enriching episodes dedicated to physical and mental wellness, nutrition, positive spirits, and motivation for leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Listen every Monday for Motivation with Meredith and every Tuesday for Senior Fitness with Meredith!

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Senior Fitness with Meredith Episodes

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Motivation with Meredith

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Be Present

This motivation is remembering we change every day, and that is good…living in the moment,…
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About Meredith Chen

Meredith Chen

Meredith Chen is an AFAA-certified personal and group fitness trainer and the host of the popular YouTube channel, Senior Fitness with Meredith. She has been training for over 15 years, has been endorsed by healthcare professionals and physical therapists, and has shadowed top industry experts to continuously create the best and safest content for her viewers and participants.

Meredith became interested in working with older adults after a client asked her to become the Fitness Coordinator at a local senior community, and the rest is history! Meredith has a passion for motivating others to lead happy and healthy lifestyles and is dedicated to helping seniors enrich their mental, physical, and nutritional wellness. Her goals are to help all audiences in their health and fitness journey, be an overall inspiration, and help others reach their goals.

Meredith says, “I see fitness not just as a ‘go, go, go,’ ‘push yourself harder,’ ‘run faster’ objective. It is more purposeful, more long-term in benefits, and for overall wellness.”

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