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5 Retirement Remodeling Projects To Consider

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Retirement is the time to kick back, relax, and enjoy your time free from the workforce. However, some people might not want to relax! Now that you’re home more often, you may look around and see all sorts of new projects you now have the time to take on. If you’re a senior who needs to scratch a remodeling itch, you’re in the right place. Here are the 5 BEST remodeling projects for retirees!


1. Bathrooms

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When you think of remodeling, one of your first thoughts is probably the bathroom, and for a good reason. Our bathrooms are the first and the last place that we tend to visit each day. Not to mention, how much time we spend showering and getting ready! While they should reflect your style, they should also be functional, practical, and safe.

If you decide to remodel your bathroom, think ahead so that you don’t have to turn around in a few years and complete another remodel. To do so, you will be on the lookout for “universal design” products. These products are just what their name suggests—universal. Anyone and everyone can use these products, and they help make a bathroom safe and accessible to everyone do walks through your door. Here are some examples of universal design products that will suit the bathroom of your dreams.

  • Grab bars: Both near the toilet and in the shower
  • Curbless shower: Eliminates barriers to getting in and out of the shower, making it easy to walk, or wheel in.
  • Widen doorways: If your budget allows, widening doorways can be a fantastic upgrade.
  • Smart bathroom devices: We all know smart devices are making their way into everyone’s home, and these devices come with some really good features that can prove helpful.
  • Non-slip flooring, or flooring covers: May it be a mat, or a specific type of flooring, having a nonslip surface in the bathroom can be incredibly helpful.
  • Roll-under sink: If you use a wheelchair, installing a roll-under sink will make it easier for you to roll right up to the sink and reach the entire surface of the counter. It will also eliminate the possibility of running into cabinets.
  • Waterproof laminated wall panels: Anything that can make your life easier by requiring little to no maintenance to maintain upkeep is a huge plus. Waterproof laminated wall panels that look like tiles but eliminate the need for all that extra scrubbing, since you only need a washcloth (or your choice of cleaning wipe) to upkeep them. 

2. Kitchen

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Designing a new kitchen from the ground up is a fun way to let your creative side shine. However, if you’re thinking about making updates in your kitchen, make sure you think about factors such as safety and efficiency in addition to style. Fortunately, you can have both! If you’re updating your floors, be sure to choose materials that won’t get slick if there is a spill in the kitchen, like vinyl flooring. Tile flooring, with plenty of texture and grout and moisture-absorbing porcelain, is another great option. You can also pick up some non-slip mats for your floor, too! Here are a few other additions and fixtures to consider installing in your new-and-improved kitchen.

  • Rounded edges on the countertops: Doing so allows you to freshen up your cabinetry and countertops, plus, round edges will lessen the likelihood of bruises and bumps.
  • Wider walkways: Having a wider walkway will give you more space to move around the kitchen. More space means more people can also be in the kitchen and it won’t feel as cramped
  • Smart kitchen devices: From small smart devices that play music or read off recipes, to smart ovens, fridges, and even microwaves. Having your kitchen set up with these devices can add a good amount of convenience and is a great way to upgrade your cooking lifestyle.
  • Lower the microwave: Most microwaves are above the oven, which is not very convenient or user-friendly. When considering a kitchen remodel, consider putting the microwave somewhere lower and more accessible. You’ll find it makes a world of difference.
  • Smooth cooktop: A smooth cooktop with a roll-out stool will make it easier to move hot items off the stove. The only downside to these is you have to keep them clean, which can be difficult, but they are a great option for your kitchen.
  • Wall oven/double oven: Wall ovens tend to be more accessible than a range with an oven. They can also be more spacious because they are usually sold as a pair. Having a double oven can also be a game changer when it comes to hosting family and friends for parties and holidays. 

3. Bedrooms

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Bedrooms are an oasis of calm. They’re a place where we can sleep, make memories, relax, and dream. If you have spare bedrooms left over from the kids who’ve flown the coop, consider remaking them into a private office! Or you can convert them to a study. Whatever you do, make sure you include lots of lights! This will be less of a strain on your vision. Below are some other ideas for remodeling that may just spark your creativity.

  • Paint: You’d be surprised at how much a single coat of paint can change!
  • Install new flooring: As with your kitchen, make sure you choose senior-friendly options! Rubber and cork flooring are a great option for seniors.
  • New rugs: Never underestimate the power of a great rug. They can make or break a room!
  • Upgrade to a larger bed: For extra safety, consider purchasing some safety bed rails.
  • Hang pictures: Like rugs, paintings can set the tone for your room—for better or worse.

4. Backyard/Patio

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Having a backyard getaway is the dream of many. Now that you’re retired, it may appeal to you even more! A flowering garden, an upgraded patio, a water feature, or even an outdoor kitchen—the remodeling possibilities are endless! Not only can tackling this type of project make your backyard more enjoyable to you, but it can make the space more guest-friendly, as well! As you complete this task you can think about future backyard BBQs and family reunions that all can enjoy for years to come. Here are a few more options to upgrade your backyard or patio

  • Add a fire pit: A fantastic focal point to add to your outdoor space. With its multi-use capabilities for warmth, cooking, and fun with family and friends.
  • A water feature: This addition can be a soothing and peaceful add-in for your yard. It can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you want it to be. But use your imagination! The possibilities are endless.
  • A barbeque area or an outdoor kitchen: Having the ability to cook and entertain outside is such a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Show off your cooking skills with a grill, smoker, or even a full outdoor kitchen. The options are endless here. Go with your gut!
  • Seating: Seating is an important addition to your outdoor space. Whether it be for enjoying food, or just enjoying being outside, the right seating can elevate your outdoor space in a matter of moments.

5. Multi-purpose Rooms (Office/Hobby)

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With the kids gone, you may find that you have ample space and even extra rooms around the house. Of course, having a guest room is essential if you plan to host visitors. But you might enjoy having an office or a room dedicated to your favorite hobby! Whatever your passion may be, having a hobby room can keep you active and engaged, both physically and mentally. When decorating it, look for furniture and decor items that match the style around your home. Check home decor websites for coupons and discounts, so you can score deals on great products.  Here are some hobby room ideas outside of just a regular home office.

  • An art room: Whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting, or any number of other art-related hobbies, setting up this room to be a space for you to enjoy your hobby to its fullest extent
  • Yoga or meditation room: Aromatherapy essentials, a yoga mat, and other yoga accessories like yoga blocks and blankets. And that’s just the beginning when it comes to yoga and meditation. Make sure this room is relaxing and inviting to enjoy the practice.
  • Puzzles/game room: Puzzles and games are another great hobby to jump into, and having a dedicated space for them can make them more accessible. From just relaxing on your own, to having friends and family over for game night, the possibilities are endless
  • An office space: Even after you retire, you may still do some work here and there. You may also decide to take on part-time work or projects. A dedicated home office can make working from home more enjoyable and convenient.


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No matter what project you decide to take on, remember to have fun! You are retired now and are learning a new way of life. Enjoy this time learning something new, doing something new, and making your house exactly what you want it to be. There are so many other amazing ideas out there, so get out there and get creative!

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Originally published April 23, 2024


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