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5 Thrifty Ways to Have a Cheap Vacation

Want to go on vacation somewhere warm and sandy? You bet! We all do. Unfortunately, vacation can sometimes be a little pricey. If you’re an older adult living on a fixed income, this can be an issue. The good news is, you can still take fun trips without going into debt! Here are five thrifty ways to have a cheap vacation.


1. Go camping.

Most people don’t realize they have the perfect vacation spot right in their own backyard! All you need is a tent, some sleeping bags, and maybe a little bug spray to ward off those pesky mosquitos. Of course, you could always buy some marshmallows and graham crackers to enjoy a camping staple—roasting s’mores!

Check out this pop-up tent we found!

2. Stay with family or friends.

Maybe you want to visit the beach but don’t want to fork over a lot of money for a hotel. Or maybe you’ve been dying to visit the mountains but are reluctant to pay for an expensive cabin. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Try staying with family and friends instead. You’ll save a lot of money and make some memories in the process. It’s truly the best of both worlds!


3. Visit national parks.

Most of us live close to state or national parks. If you want a quick vacation that won’t break the bank, why not try visiting a park close to you? Not only do you get to enjoy the best nature has to offer, but there’s another perk—Senior Passes. Click here to find out more!

4. Plan a “staycation.”

Most of us would agree that the perfect vacation means leaving our homes. However, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to cross state lines to enjoy a little R&R. Instead, try out a “staycation”! There are countless ways you can do this. From setting up a hammock in your backyard to enjoying a nice picnic lunch at your local park, you can relax and decompress without even leaving your hometown. Have fun and get creative!

5. Tour your own city.

I’m sure all of us have heard the phrase “Familiarity breeds contempt.” While we typically associate this idiom with relationships, I’m here to say it can apply to our cities and towns, too! When you live in a place for so long, it loses its magic. Try fine-tuning your perspective and looking at your city with new eyes. Pretend you’re a tourist. Visit a new restaurant or check out a local shop. Beauty can be found anywhere, so long as you’re looking for it.

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Originally published April 18, 2023

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