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5 Helpful Tips on Dealing with Eye Strain

Some older adults suffer from eye strain. Cleveland Clinic defines eye strain as “a common condition caused from intense use of your eyes, such as reading or driving long distances.” Of course, with the advent of technology, prolonged periods of staring at a glowing screen are also a culprit! If you’re struggling with eye strain, you’re not alone. Here are five tips that may just help you find relief.


1. Give audio books a try.

If you’re a bookworm, eye strain is more than an inconvenience. It can be a major hindrance to your favorite pastime. Fortunately, you don’t have to shelve your books! The next time your eyes are too tired to read, try out an audio book. Many online retailers offer them, including Audible and Scribd. You may even be able to find audio books at your local library!

2. Step away from your computer screen.

Chances are, if you work in an office, your eyes are glued to a computer screen eight hours a day, five days a week. Even if you’re not an office drone, your job still might require you to stare at a screen for hours on end. You could always invest blue light glasses. These nifty little accessories are designed to filter out blue light, meaning they can protect your peepers from eye strain. Of course, another solution that I recommend is taking frequent breaks. Step away from your computer screen, walk around for a bit, and stretch those muscles. It’s important for both your eyes and your body!


3. Adjust lighting.

Retina-burning. The perfect descriptor for some TVs. As technology has improved, so has lighting. And while a crisp HD picture with bright lights might make for a more magical viewing experience, it can also hurt your eyes. My recommendation? Adjust the lighting on your TV. You can even adjust the lighting on your phone, tablet, or other devices. Don’t subject your poor eyes to bright lighting unless it’s absolutely necessary. They go through enough, as it is!

4. Get proper sleep.

We’re all guilty of staying up past our bedtime. Maybe you just couldn’t sleep until you binge-watched the entire first season of that new show everyone’s talking about. Or maybe you just couldn’t resist getting a cup of coffee on the way home from work. Whatever the case, inadequate sleep wreaks havoc on your eyes. Studies show that sleep deprivation may cause eye strain, twitchy eyelids, and other unpleasant symptoms. The good news is, the solution is simple. Get enough sleep! Trust me—you (and your eyes) will feel so much better.

5. Swap your contacts for glasses.

senior couple wearing eyeglasses

For some, wearing contact lenses is like second nature. However, contact lenses may actually contribute to eye strain. Not only can they cause dry eye, but they may actually exacerbate digital eye strain! You don’t have to put away your contact lenses forever. But on days where your eyes just aren’t feeling contacts, don’t force it. Alternate between wearing contacts and glasses to give your eyes a rest. You may feel more confident in contacts, but there’s nothing more beautiful than feeling your best.

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Originally published January 25, 2023

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