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A Boomer’s Memories of Quilts


It’s a bit chilly this morning, and that got this Boomer to reminiscing. As a country boy, we only had one little stove that sat in the living room.  The rest of the house was without heat. Now, talk about a cold bedroom! The bed had lots of covers—flannel sheets and at least six homemade quilts, courtesy of my mother. She used fabric from discarded dresses, curtains, and so on. Then she cut the fabric into little squares and sewed them together. For lining, she sewed in old army blankets or sometimes cotton. Once you got into bed and found a comfy spot, you stayed there for the night. Tossing and turning wasn’t an issue, because the covers were so heavy that you couldn’t turn.

Today, quilting is a hobby, and we can set our thermostats to the perfect temperature. Electric blankets keep us warm on chilly nights. We have thick, wool socks to keep our feet warm and can wrap ourselves in luxurious robes. However, as I snuggle beneath my covers each night, my mind often flashes back to my childhood. I may’ve been cold on some bitter winter nights, but I was always surrounded by love and warmth. Life may be more convenient, but I still miss the simplicity of my childhood. I’d give anything to fall asleep beneath one of my mother’s homemade quilts again.


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Originally published April 10, 2023

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