Senior Resources » Adult Day Services And Respite Care In Cleveland, Ohio: Where To Start

Adult Day Services And Respite Care In Cleveland, Ohio: Where To Start

Where to start finding support and adult day services and respite care in Cleveland, Ohio

According to a report by AARP, more than 1 in 5 people are caregivers to a family member or someone close. That means that more than 1 in 5 people are taking care of themselves and someone else. Caring for others can be rewarding in many ways! But, it can also be stressful. Family caregivers often find themselves stretched too thin, unable to maintain a healthy balance between their loved one’s needs and their own.


Here’s how adult day services and other forms of respite care can help; plus, everything you need to know about finding care in Cleveland, Ohio!

What is respite care?

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Respite care is any service or support that provides short-term relief to caregivers. It’s basically rest or a little time away from your usual duties. This can take place at home, at a center with adult day services, or at residential facilities. Respite care can consist of:

  • Companionship
  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Supervision
  • Medical care
  • Help around the house (i.e. cleaning, laundry, housekeeping)
  • Transportation
  • Meal prep
  • And, more!

Where do I find respite care in Cleveland?

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As the general population ages, respite care is becoming more and more essential. Family caregiving, while an important job, can be very demanding and both mentally and physically exhausting. A study conducted by the CDC found that over 50% of caregivers experience stress-related declines in their health. So, where can you find respite care in Cleveland to counter this burnout?

At Home

Depending on needs, a home care agency can provide services such as companionship, ADL assistance, and home health aides. To find home care near Cleveland, start with these resources:

Senior Resource Home Care Directory – Cleveland, Ohio

Home Care Services Near Cleveland: Top 10 Highest-Rated


Cleveland Clinic Home Care Services

Or, click here to search for home care in the state of Ohio!

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Adult Day Services

Adult day services can offer professional care, socialization, and enrichment opportunities in a community-based group setting. These types of centers can help reduce the stress of caregiving or simply provide a safe place for your loved one during the day. Adult day cares and other adult day health services usually feature ADL assistance, social activities, exercise, door-to-do transportation, and health monitoring. If you’re looking for adult day services near Cleveland, then start with these resources:

Senior Resource Adult Day Care Directory – Cleveland, Ohio


Adult Day Care Near Cleveland: 9 Highest-Rated

Or, click here to search for adult day cares in the state of Ohio!

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Residential Facilities

Assisted living facilities or nursing homes may offer care to non-residents on an as-needed basis. Respite in a residential facility can include overnight stays, health monitoring, skilled nursing, and more. To find residential facilities near Cleveland, start here:

Senior Resource Assisted Living Directory – Cleveland, Ohio

Senior Resource Nursing Care Directory – Cleveland, Ohio

Assisted Living Communities Near Cleveland: Top 10 Highest-Rated

Nursing Homes Near Cleveland: Top 10 Highest-Rated

How much does respite care in Cleveland cost?

Though actual costs will vary by agency or facility and depend on the number of services needed, here are the average daily costs of respite:

Type of CareNational Average Daily CostOhio Average Daily CostCleveland Average Daily Cost
Home Health Aide$169$166$171
Adult Day Care$78$80$83
Residential Care$235$220$244
Source: Genworth Cost of Care Survey

How to pay for respite care in Cleveland

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Besides personal savings, Clevelanders have several possibilities that can help pay for respite!

Long-Term Care Insurance

Traditional health insurance rarely pays for costs associated with long-term care. But, with long-term care insurance, policyholders can receive help paying for medical or personal care that is needed for extended periods of time, including respite. For more info, check out the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Veteran Benefits

The VA will cover the costs of many different services under standard health benefits.

To see a full list of services or to apply for assistance, visit these resources:

Home-Based Primary Care

Ohio Veteran Benefits

VA Respite Care

VA Cleveland Regional Office


Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps low-income individuals pay for care. It can help with the cost of custodial care, medical care, and yes, respite care! Every state has different qualification requirements. So, for eligibility and enrollment info in Ohio, visit these resources:

Ohio Department of Medicaid

Medicaid & CHIP in Ohio

Ohio Benefits

Ohio Area Agencies on Aging – Ohio Medicaid

Other State and Local Assistance

Many states offer additional assistance outside of Medicaid. If you’re in need of more financial help, then check these resources in your area: – Seniors: House and Home

Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging

Ohio Department of Aging: PACE Services

Ohio Department of Aging: Home and Community Care

Ohio Area Agencies on Aging

Do you need more help finding respite care?

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Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for a loved one. And, respite can help you do that! If you need more assistance finding respite care in Cleveland or other areas, then try these resources:

National Respite Network

Eldercare Locator



Need something else?

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Whether it’s time for a change, or you’re just doing some research, we can help! Senior Resource is your one-stop spot for all-things retirement!

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Originally published September 20, 2022

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