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Top 10 Highest-Rated Adult Day Care Services Near New York City

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Nearly one-fourth of adults over 60 are considered socially isolated. Fortunately, you don’t have to remain that way! Whether you’re a senior looking for social opportunities and a full-time caregiver in search of respite, you’ve come to the right place! Here at, we believe that knowledge is power. So, if you need more information about adult day care near New York City, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top ten adult day care centers in The Big Apple!


1. Love and Care Social Adult Day Care Center (Brooklyn, NY)

What it is: An adult day health care center in Brooklyn, New York.

Features we love: Love and Care provides professional care services to seniors, disabled adults, and individuals on Medicare and Medicaid. They offer a wide range of activities, including chess, pottery classes, therapeutic painting sessions, and more. And, with free transportation services, traveling to and from the center is a breeze!

What others are saying: Both Facebook and Google users gave Love and Care five stars, with many commending the warm atmosphere and friendly staff.


2. Blessing Social Day Care (Fresh Meadows, NY)

What it is: A social adult day center for seniors and disabled adults in a suburb of New York City.

Features we love: Blessing Social Day Care strives to keep seniors connected through a sense of community and belonging. Daily bingo, parties, and field trips provide plenty of opportunities to make friends. After eating the complimentary breakfast and lunch prepared by a professional nutritionist, seniors can be sure they’ll go home with a full belly and a full heart!

What others are saying: Families of participants deemed Blessing Social a wonderful place for seniors. It’s rated 5 stars on Google.


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3. Lovejoy Social Adult Daycare Center (Brooklyn, NY)

What it is: A social adult day health care service for seniors and individuals in need of managed long-term care.

Features we love:  Lovejoy allows aging seniors to socialize with others and thrive in their community. Activities like cooking classes and health seminars foster a sense of independence in seniors. Participants with chronic illnesses can also enroll in their Managed Long-Term Care plan to receive support and assistance.

What others are saying: Google gives Lovejoy 5 stars, praising their range of healthcare options and devotion to the community.

4. Woori Adult Daycare (Queens, NY)

What it is: An adult day health care center in a suburb of New York City.

Features we love: Welcome to Woori, the largest adult daycare for the Korean community in NYC. Woori offers over 27 different services, including English classes, yoga, tai chi, and arts and crafts! They even have a pharmacy center, so participants can have their prescriptions delivered directly to the facility for easy pick up.

What others are saying: Loved ones commented on the spacious and well-kept facility and delicious food.

5. Enriched Adult Day Care (Brooklyn, NY)

What it is: An adult day health care center in Brooklyn, NYC.

Features we love: With a multilingual staff, Enriched is here to serve all members of the community. In addition to community outings, activities, and daily workshops, they also have an on-site physical therapy facility and aquatic therapy provider.

What others are saying: Google reviewers awarded Enriched 4.9 stars! Family members were especially impressed by the friendly, helpful staff and inviting atmosphere.

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6 . BainBridge Adult Day Care Center (Brooklyn, NY)

What it is: An adult day health care center for the elderly and functionally impaired adults.

Features we love: With two locations in New York City, BainBridge is an NYS Department of Health-licensed adult day health care center. Their services include memory care support, stress reduction classes, and even a fall prevention program for participants with mobility issues. Their Brooklyn facility also offers Kosher meals for members of the Jewish community.

What others are saying: Reviewers over Google agree that BainBridge is an excellent facility, citing the knowledgeable staff, safe environment, and social opportunities.


7. Premier Social Adult Day Service (Hempstead, NY)

What it is: An adult day health care center for over 60 on Long Island.

Features we love: Premier coordinates monthly trips to churches, shopping malls, and restaurants! Chair yoga, Zumba, and board games are just a few of the daily fun-filled offerings. Worried about your eligibility? Have no fear—they offer special plans for participants who are not qualified through their current health plan.

What others are saying: Premier holds a 5-star rating on both Yelp and Google for its yummy food, entertainment, and wonderful staff!

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8. Fairview Adult Day Care Center (Brooklyn, NY)

What it is: An adult day health care center in a popular suburb of New York City.

Features we love: Cognitive therapy, diabetes care, social services, and skilled nursing—these are just a few of the services Fairview provides. Their highly trained staff speaks both Russian and English, so communication will never be an issue!

What others are saying: 5 stars for Fairview on Facebook! Family members were impressed by the loving environment and attentive nurses.

9. La Familia Adult Day Center (Brooklyn, NY)

What it is: Adult day center located in Brooklyn, New York.

Features we love: La Familia has proudly been serving the elderly in New York City for over eight years! They offer plenty of social opportunities for lonely seniors by way of dancing, karaoke, and outings to the city. They even provide supervision and personal care assistance for participants who may need an extra helping hand.

What others are saying: Reviewers on Yelp have deemed La Familia a 5-star facility. Many thanked it for living up to its name and treating their loved ones like family.

10. Doral Social Day Care Center (Brooklyn, NY)

What it is: A health and wellness center with adult day care services in New York City.

Features we love: Doral not only wants to attend to participants’ health care needs, but they also provide a variety of recreational activities! With a yoga center, bird aviary, café, and other amenities, seniors will feel happy as well as healthy.

What others are saying: Family members were complimentary of Doral’s compassion and wide range of activities.

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