If you've decided that you'd like to Age in Place, meeting with an Aging in Place Specialist is an ideal way to begin the planning process. An Aging in Place Specialist has trained to consult with you to review all aspects of the process, so your first step is to find one near you and set up a meeting. Start by using the directory below to follow the links to your city and state, and then contact one or more on the list to find one that best meets your criteria.

We've assembled a list of rating criteria designed to help guide you to the best Aging in Place Specialist in your area. Here's what to expect, and we'd love to hear your feedback after going through the experience:

  • Specialist Comprehension
    Did this Aging in Place Specialist assess your living situation, listen to you, and understand your goals?
  • Client Education
    Did the Aging in Place Specialist explain the choices available to you that will allow you to stay in your home in a way that helps you to achieve your goals?
    Did they provide information about additional resources to which you could refer?
    Did they provide information about the typical costs and time required for each of the choices?
  • Actionable Recommendations
    Did the Specialist recommend updates that could be made to your home that were best suited for you, and explain the process of putting the recommendations into place?
  • Collaboration
    Did the Specialist collaborate with other professionals (occupational therapists, licensed contractors, interior designers) in order to create and deliver the projects that you decided on?
  • Overall Experience
    Did the Aging in Place Specialist meet your expectations?

These are some points to keep in mind as you go through the process. We also recommend reading through our page on how to Age in Place and make your own notes before meeting with the Aging in Place Specialists.

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