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Want to age in place? Then, consider hiring a certified aging-in-place specialist (CAPS)!

What Is a Certified Aging In Place Specialist?

A CAPS can assess your personal needs and identify potential environmental changes to ensure continued health and safety at home. A CAPS professional collaborates alongside you, your family, and other experts in contracting and home care to create a plan for improving and maintaining your quality of life.

Aging In Place Specialists

Who Is a Certified Aging In Place Specialist?

A certified aging in place specialist can be anyone who completes and maintains CAPS training, offered by the National Association of Homebuilders. CAPS training is a program designed to educate professionals about senior-specific home modifications and remodeling techniques, as well as business management and customer service skills conducive to providing aging adults with services to improve their environment and quality of life.

Certified aging-in-place specialists can be consultants, home service providers, contractors, realtors, and more.

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