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Are Children the Reason for the Move?

Children may be one of the biggest reasons older adults move to 55+ communities—ironic when you consider children aren’t allowed to live there!


Allow me to explain.

Since settling into my Del Webb Community, I’ve observed there are two groups of people who move to 55+ communities, and for the same reasons.


At least, initially.

The First Group

Group number one is, by far, the largest group. It consists of people who moved to the area to be closer to their grown children and grandkids. Did you know that moving closer to your kids is actually the number one reason people move to a 55+ community outside of their home state? The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. Older adults want to move somewhere with a built-in support system. At our age, we want to have something to depend on. And most of us can depend on our families!

The Second Group

laughing friends at dinner

The second group is a little smaller. It includes people who don’t have kids (sometimes known as child-free). Members of this group are free to move where they want to without considering where their kids live. Again, the 55+ retirement community is ideal for their lifestyle, too. Retirement communities offer an instant social circle and opportunities to make those all-so-important connections. I would know. After all, my wife and I are members of this second group!

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While there are a variety of reasons people move to a 55+ community, it’s interesting that children are such an influence on many people’s decisions.

Of course, I’ve heard my fair share of stories from people who moved to a 55+ community to be closer to their kids. Later, the kids moved away, but the parents stayed in their 55+ community.  On the other hand, I’ve heard of the parents moving to a 55+ community in another state, then the grown kids moving down to be closer to the parents.


Originally published May 22, 2023

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