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Baby Boomers and Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball Players
Bocce Ball Players

What is bocce ball? Pronounced “baa-chee”, this yard game involves rolling eight weighted balls toward a small target ball, also known as a pallino.


The spring season starts again March 13th. We also have a fall league. Both last approximately two months. We have 23 leagues, consisting of 8 two-person teams. During the season, we play each team twice, then tally our standing to see who goes to the playoffs.

The top team from each of the 23 leagues then face each other in the playoffs. The team that won (consisting of husband-wife duo Robert and Susan Fox) had to win 4 straight games.


Spoiler alert: they did.

Below are some pictures from the Village at Deaton Creek Bocce Playoffs.


Using a can to measure is ingenious! This is the championship, so everyone involved takes everything very seriously. You have to be precise and leave nothing to chance.


No sport would be complete without spectators, and we were blessed with a few during our tournament! Even though it was a bit chilly, a few people still came out to enjoy the tournament. Personally, I think the lady with the blanket had the right idea.


You have to be good to roll the bocce ball that far and get that close.


Like I said, people take their bocce ball seriously. These folks were discussing who got the ball closest to the target. Don’t worry—it’s all civil discourse.


Wow, this lady gets down low and has a smooth delivery. No wonder she’s in the playoffs!


I shouldn’t say this, but I heard this lady is over 90 and is one of the best players. It gives this Boomer hope that I can continue enjoying bocce ball for a long time to come.

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Originally published May 23, 2023

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