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I’m Retired. Should I Start an Encore Career?

Thanks to healthier lifestyles and medical innovations, people these days are living longer than ever! And, as the Baby Boomer generation moves into their senior years, there’s now a higher demand for jobs for this age group. Combating boredom, earning extra income, and having fun are among the reasons Boomers want to work. If you’ve earned the right to retire, but not yet looking to put up your feet, then you may want to take this opportunity to begin an encore career.

I'm Retired. Should I Start an Encore Career? opportunity compass

You can branch out to do something completely different from what you’ve dedicated the majority of your working career to. Recent studies have even shown that there are already 9 million Boomers, ages 59 to 70, working in encore careers.

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These careers can revolve around helping others or making the world a better place. Baby Boomers are finding personal fulfillment, stimulation, and new learning as educators, social workers, mentors, or even missionaries. Although the economy is still struggling and many people are out of work, with a lifetime of experience in your portfolio, it is easier than you may believe to launch a second career!

Put your hard-won expertise to work! If you were an executive or manager, many non-profit organizations would be happy to take advantage of your leadership abilities. If you worked in customer service, a helpline might be just your social-service job.

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How to Find Encore Careers for Baby Boomers

To find an encore career that offers personal fulfillment, do a search of non-profit organizations that speak to your personal passion, and give them a call to see what positions might be up your alley. For active Baby Boomers, retirement can be a time of rediscovery of your passions and an exciting new phase of your life!


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Originally published October 10, 2022

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